Allstate Denied My Claim

Allstate Denied My Claim

Who can hear the name Allstate and not think of all those clever commercials everywhere? When an insurance company has a media presence like Allstate, they gain a certain amount of trust. Since you’re going to a top tier company, you expect to have the highest level of coverage and customer satisfaction. However, most insurance companies are the same. 

Whether they’re sponsoring sporting events, or they’re being operated out of a strip mall. Don’t let the media presence fool you; insurance companies are focused on their money – not paying you. So, if you have received an Allstate claim denial, don’t worry. You’re one of the thousands, if not more, that are denied annually. Thankfully, you have the right to appeal this decision. 

Insurance Claim HQ is a skilled law firm that specializes in insurance cases. If you are facing a denial, you need assistance. It’s no secret that insurance companies don’t take their customers seriously, but they will listen to a lawyer partially because lawyers are experienced in handling these cases daily. 

Since lawyers can threaten litigation, if you want to put pressure on your insurance company — a skilled insurance claim lawyer is your best path to take. We recommend contacting our office immediately because we don’t have much time to build your appeal. 


Allstate — Are you Sure You’re In Good Hands? 

Even though Allstate has a compassionate message in the media, they are known to deny their policyholders the compensation they deserve. How would they earn so much profit, if they were continually paying out every claim? Some people don’t even try to appeal their decision. They think that a denial means no and that the appeal will be worthless. This is a terrible decision. We offer free consultations to go over your claim and advise you on your appeal.

In most cases, people have grounds to appeal. So, if you are facing a denial don’t worry. Many other people are facing the same process, and those that want to win hire experienced attorneys. 


What are bad faith tactics?

Allstate has been known to use some bad faith insurance tactics when dealing with claims. One of the most common is delaying your decision or your payment. You are entitled to a timely review of your claim, and you shouldn’t have to fight for your decision. They could also do a poor job investigating your claim thoroughly and deny you without the proper information. An experienced lawyer can research your case and see if the insurance company took the right steps. If the insurance company acted in bad faith, you could be entitled to more than your claim amount. 


You deserve peace of mind during your appeal

Hiring an experienced insurance claim attorney can take much worry and stress out of the process. If you are facing a denial, we need to act quickly. Contact our office today so that we can discuss your case. 


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