Federated National Claim Denial

Filing an insurance claim can be a daunting process, mainly when you handle it on your own. When you file, you think that everything will be covered. Why else do you pay for your policy? However, more insurance claims are denied than you think. 

Federated National is happy to take your money every month for your plan, but they can deny your claim and refuse to cover your losses. If you have received a FedNat insurance claim denial, we can help. You need an experienced insurance claim attorney that can assist you with your appeal so that you can get awarded your claim. 

FedNat can be particularly difficult with claims, especially mold claims. FedNat also has been known to delay claims in the past and drag out the process.

Insurance Claim HQ is part of a firm that is skilled in handling insurance claim denials. We understand how difficult it can be receiving a denial from your insurance company, but it’s not the end of your case. It’s important to know that you have options. 

We want to get you the compensation that you deserve to cover your damages. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help improve your odds of winning your claim. So, give yourself the best chance for success by retaining the services of an expert bad faith insurance attorney


My insurance company refuses to pay my full claim, now what?

Insurance companies and partial payouts are a common problem with many of our clients. If your FedNat refused to pay for all of your damages, you have options. Many people make the mistake of taking whatever their insurance company chooses to give them. 

An experienced attorney can go over your options with you. You can file for supplemental coverage to cover the damages that your insurance company refused to pay for in the first place. So, although it’s not a denial, you still need to file for additional coverage. If the insurance company still refuses to payout your claim, an experienced claim lawyer can speak with Federated National on your behalf. 


What do I do once my claim is denied?

Your insurance company could claim that your damages were the result of something that isn’t covered by your policy. If you received flood damage, not damage from a storm, then the insurance company could say that you aren’t covered for flood damage. However, the storm caused flooding, so there are gray areas. Insurance companies will try to get out of paying for claims because it affects their bottom line. 

Hiring an experienced property claims attorney to go over your documents can help you understand your policy. Remember, your attorney will also be responsible for talking to your insurance company.

When you speak to your insurance company, all of your calls are recorded. So, you can say something that they can hold against you in your case. Hiring an attorney eliminates your need to speak to the insurance company at all. 


Hire a skilled attorney that will fight for your claim

You deserve compensation from your insurance company, that’s the reason you pay for your policy. If you have received a FedNat claim denial, we are here to help. Contact us today to go over the details of your claim.

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