Geovera Claim Denial

The relationship between insurance companies and their customers is a delicate balance. You rely on the insurance company to protect your property, but then the insurance company wants to avoid payouts. The only way that an insurance company can prevent losing profit is by denying and settling for lower claim amounts. 

So, it’s complicated when you have a claim, and you need to receive compensation. If you have received a Geovera claim denial, you’re not alone. Many customers struggle with denied claims, so you don’t need to feel alone. The first thing that you should do is hire an experienced insurance claim lawyer. Geovera is a particularly aggressive insurance company. We have even seen Geovera suing its own policy holders when they try to make a claim. 

Insurance Claim HQ is a skilled law firm that successfully handles insurance denial claims. When you manage your claim on your own, you’re emotionally involved. Your home is the largest purchase that you will make in your life. When you need to repair damages in your home, it can flip your life upside down. 

Your home is supposed to be a place of comfort, but it’s hard to relax when you have repairs you need to fix. Just because you have received a denial doesn’t mean that this is the end of your case. An experienced bad faith insurance attorney can help you build a strong appeal. Contact our office immediately to schedule your free consultation.


Why did Geovera deny my claim?

When your claim has been denied, your first response is to be shocked. Then you think about the reasons they would deny your claim, and do you have any other options? Insurance companies, especially large ones, have thousands of claims to go through every year. So, mistakes can be made. Some of the most common reasons for denials are:

  • Not enough information: If your first claim didn’t have enough information, then it could be denied. However, you can resubmit a claim with more information in your appeal.
  • Not enough evidence: In your claim, you must prove that losses occurred. So, you might send in receipts or photographs to help support your claim.
  • Missing deadlines: Many insurance policies require you to report your damage promptly. So, if you don’t meet this deadline, your claim could be denied.
  • Damage is excluded: Your insurance policy covers not all damage. For example, if you don’t have wear and tear under your policy, then your damages can’t be caused by wear and tear.
  • The damage doesn’t exceed your deductible: The deductible is what you’re required to pay before you can receive any compensation for your damages. So, if your damages don’t exceed your deductible, then you’ll need to cover your damages on your own.


You need legal help with your appeal

Filing a claim is difficult, but filing an appeal is even harder. An experienced attorney will help you through every step of your appeal, to ensure that you have the most persuasive case possible. We understand that you need compensation, and we’re here to help. Contact us today to go over the details of your case.

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