Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Company Claim Denial

When you have trouble purchasing insurance for your property in the state of Louisiana, you turn to Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Company. You might have issues getting coverage because your property is in a bad area, so you’re determined to be high-risk coverage. This is known as an insurer of last resort. 

You could also live along the coast, making your home the ideal target for hurricanes. Whatever the reason, the state developed Louisiana Citizens to supply coverage to these types of properties. This nonprofit organization is supposed to fulfill your claim when you are faced with damages. What do you do when you’re denied? It’s essential that you hire legal counsel to help you with your appeal. 

Insurance Claim HQ is a skilled law firm that handles many different insurance denial claims. Just because you’ve received a denial doesn’t mean that your case is over. We have seen many clients win their appeal and receive compensation for their damages. Having a nonprofit as an insurance company can provide an entirely different set of issues. First of all, this insurance company is used as a “last resort” for policyholders. 

Customers that use this coverage couldn’t receive coverage through anyone else. So, they assume that you won’t have the skills necessary to fight your denial. If you have received notice of a Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Company claim denial, we can help you win your appeal. Contact us today for your free consultation. 


How can a lawyer help me?

The insurance policy that you pay for every month is a contract. You’ve chosen an insurance company that is supposed to help you protect your property, and you expect them to honor claims for the damage. However, you are meant to uphold your side of the contract as well, like paying your monthly premium. Your insurance company must also review and handle your claim promptly. So, how will hiring an insurance claim attorney help you with your case?

Skilled bad faith insurance attorneys have the experience and more resources available to them than a policyholder. When you’re on your own, your insurance company will take advantage of your inexperience. You don’t know if you should settle for less than the value of your claim, or if you should even appeal a denial. Many of our clients are interested in finding out that a large number of claims are denied the first time they are filed. Insurance companies will always protect their money by denying or paying out partial claims. The reality is that we fight LA Citizens and win often. 


Will I need to speak to the insurance company once I hire legal counsel?

No. However, this is up to you. You can choose to have your lawyer speak on your behalf, or you can continue to speak to your insurance company. Remember, all calls are recorded, so they can use any information you provide against you in your claim. 


Your compensation is right around the corner

Hiring an experienced lawyer is your first step toward winning your appeal. If you have received a denial, hire a skilled insurance claim denial lawyer. Contact our offices today, so that we can discuss your claim.

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