Maison Claim Denial

FedNat, an insurance company we have warned you about, announced in February 2019 that they are taking over Maison. This could affect whether you are insured in the future, or if you receive coverage for your claim. Just because your insurance company is being restructured, it doesn’t mean that you should have to suffer. 

If you have received a Maison claim denial, it can be devastating. You have damages that need to be repaired, and your insurance company is supposed to help protect your assets. If you want the best shot at winning your appeal, you need to hire a specialized lawyer immediately.

Insurance Claim HQ is a law firm with extensive experience in handling insurance claim denial cases. When you have received a denial, it can be frustrating. Many people don’t have the means to pay for dangerous emergency repairs, which is why they pay for insurance. 

Just because you have received a denial doesn’t mean that you will lose your appeal. Many people get denied and still go on to receive payment through a successful appeal. Remember, it is your right to appeal whatever decision you get from your insurance company. If you want to win your appeal, you need an experienced insurance claim attorney handling your case. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


Was my claim denied in bad faith?

 There are many reasons why your insurance claim could be denied, and not all of them are legal. Sometimes errors occur because insurance companies are overwhelmed by the number of claims they get annually. So, it’s easy for an agent to input the wrong information and deny a valid claim. Maison loves to hire aggressive defense lawyers to wrongly deny claims. 

However, there are sometimes that insurance companies will act in bad faith. They will intentionally deny claims that they are supposed to honor. An experienced attorney can research the denial of your claim, to ensure that they acted legally. If we can prove that the insurance company acted in bad faith, you could be entitled to more money than your initial claim.


Why was my claim denied?

 There are many reasons why your claim could have been denied because each case is different. The most common reasons are: your policy doesn’t cover the damages, your deductible isn’t more than your damages, or you missed a filing deadline. 

These are only a few of the reasons that your claim could have been denied. Your insurance company will send you a letter specifically stating why your claim was denied. Then it is up to you and your attorney to file your appeal before the deadline.


It would help if you had expert legal counsel

The entire process of a denial can be devastating, but your appeal doesn’t have to be. We have the skills necessary to research your damages, claim, and denial thoroughly. We want to make sure that we have gathered all the information possible to win your appeal. 

If you have received an insurance claim denial, you need to hire an experienced attorney immediately. There is only a short amount of time that we have to file your appeal. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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