Nationwide Claim Denial

There are many reasons that an insurance claim can be denied, and you need to know that you have a right to appeal this decision. Most of us have insurance policies for many things in our lives, and when we pay for our policies, we expect coverage. However, insurance companies are businesses that are focused on the numbers. 

Just because you have been a loyal customer, doesn’t mean that they care about your interests. Nationwide Insurance has a history of denying and prolonging claim decisions. If you have received a Nationwide claim denial, you should contact an experienced insurance claim attorney as soon as possible. 

Insurance Claim HQ is an experienced firm that handles insurance claim denials. There is nothing more frustrating than having damages and no compensation to move forward. Accidents can often happen at the worst times, and receiving notification of a denial of your claim can almost seem like too much to withstand. This is just business for Nationwide. Let us take the stress off of you.

Thankfully, you don’t have to tackle the appeal on your own. By hiring an experienced attorney, you can protect yourself and your interests. If you are facing a Nationwide denial, there is no time to lose. Contact our offices today to schedule your free consultation. 


Was my Nationwide claim denied in bad faith?

Sometimes, Nationwide claims are denied illegally. It’s essential that you hire an insurance claim attorney to review your case. We will go over all the details of your damages, as well as the coverage of your policy. In some circumstances, we will hire outside contractors to review the extent of your costs. There have been many cases where Nationwide has denied claims that they should have honored. So, just because you are facing a denial, doesn’t mean that you won’t receive compensation. An experienced attorney can also help improve your odds of winning the appeal of your insurance claim. 


Should I speak to my insurance company on my own?

No. You have already filed your initial insurance claim that was denied. In the appeals process, you should let your attorney handle communication between you and your insurance company. Any time you speak to someone at Nationwide on the phone, your conversation is recorded. Whatever you say can be used against you in your claim. So, it is possible that you could accidentally admit fault for part of your damages, by just talking on the phone. An expert insurance claim attorney knows how to talk to insurance companies. So, it is better to leave these conversations with the professionals. 


Hire an insurance claim attorney that will fight for your compensation

Going through an insurance claim denial can be difficult, but losing your appeal is even worse. Don’t risk your compensation by handling your case on your own. If you have a Nationwide Insurance claim denial, the time to act is now. Contact our offices today, so that we can review your case. We need to immediately start so that we can file your appeal before the deadline. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 

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