Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina Claim Denial

When you purchase insurance for your home, you expect that you are going to be covered in case of a disaster. This is doubly the case if you buy insurance from a company that has policyholders across the nation. 

Even though Occidental Fire & Casualty is a smaller party of IAT, they still provide coverage for many properties along the coast and in Louisiana. So, you pay your premium every month, and you expect that your claim will be covered. You expect your insurance company to uphold their end of the bargain. This isn’t always the case, as most insurance companies enjoy paying out partial claims and handing out denials. If you’ve received an Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina claim denial, we can help you with your appeal. Your first step should be hiring an experienced property claims lawyer. 

Insurance Claim HQ is hard-hitting attorneys experienced in handling insurance claim denial cases. In fact, we have over a million dollars in bad faith judgments against Occidental alone! It would be best if you had an insurance claims attorney that understands the ins-and-outs of insurance claims and the appeals process. We have successfully handled appeals against some of the top insurance companies in the country. When you want to win your appeal, you need to hire a lawyer that means business. If you have received a claim denial, you only have a small window to file your appeal. So, you need to contact our offices today to begin building your case. 


Why was my claim denied?

There are many reasons that your claim could be denied, and often the denial happens because the policyholder doesn’t understand their coverage. For example, mold damage isn’t normally included in primary coverage. Instead, you would need to pay to add-on this coverage to your policy. So, if your plan doesn’t cover mold damage, your insurance company would be right in denying your claim. However, we always recommend speaking with an experienced bad faith insurance attorney because many of these cases have gray areas. Some common causes of insurance denials include:

  • Damage not being covered: As we mentioned above, if you don’t have coverage for your damage in your policy, then your insurance company doesn’t have to cover your claim. 
  • Lying about the damage: You need to be incredibly accurate when it comes to the amount of your loss. Your insurance company will cover necessary repairs, and you can’t increase the estimate to include upgrades. 
  • Everyday wear and tear: Your house is built to last decades, but wear and tear will cause problems. If you need to recarpet a room or replace rusty pipes, you won’t see this claim covered by your insurance. 
  • Missing a deadline: Like with any legal paperwork, you need to file on time. If you have missed your deadline for your claim, you can always file an appeal. You need to make sure that you file your appeal on time. 


You deserve an experienced attorney to handle your case 

Having a claim denied can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what additional information you’ll bring to your appeal. Thankfully, an experienced attorney can help point you in the right direction. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.

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