Safeco Insurance Claim Denial

Safeco Insurance has been providing coverage to policyholders since 1923. Over the last 100 years, they have insured coverage of cars, houses, recreational vehicles, pet insurance, and more. As a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual, many policyholders feel comfortable putting their faith in this company. 

However, if you research online, you can see that there are also many issues with claim denials. Unfortunately, many large insurance companies have problems with denying claims or only paying a fraction of what the claim is worth. It would be best if you didn’t have to suffer because your insurance company is trying to save themselves money. If your claim has been denied, you need a property claims attorney

Insurance Claim HQ isare a skilled firm of insurance claim attorneys. We understand that insurance companies only care about their bottom line and that you need someone on your side. We have fought cases against some of the top insurance companies in the country and won appeals for our clients. 

If you have damages in your home, you deserve coverage from your homeowner’s insurance policy. Why would you pay for coverage, if you knew that you wouldn’t receive compensation when you needed it? If you have received notification of a Safeco Insurance claim denial, the time to act is now. We only have a limited amount of time to file your appeal. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation. 


Why would I hire an attorney?

An experienced bad faith insurance attorney can help you handle your claim or appeal faster and more thoroughly than if you did it on your own. Insurance claim attorneys handle these cases every day, where you are inexperienced in talking to your insurance company. 

Insurance companies can drag your case along, hoping that you will get frustrated and take a lower amount. A lawyer will fight for your interests to ensure that this doesn’t happen. An attorney also increases our odds of winning an appeal. An experienced lawyer can also spot lowball offers because they’re experienced in settlement offers. 


I thought my insurance company would watch out for me?

No. Your insurance company is always going to watch out for their interests. They are a business, and they only see you as a number. The higher the payout, the more of a deficit they are undertaking. So, it makes more sense for them to try to settle your claim for less money or deny it altogether. 

Many people submit claims every year, so it does make sense that insurance companies would try to settle for less. However, they are responsible for paying any damages covered by your insurance policy. Don’t let insurance companies get away with ripping you off. 


Hire an experienced attorney that will fight for you

If you’ve lost your first claim, you need to fight for your appeal. An experienced insurance claim denial attorney knows how to build a strong appeal. Many people recover from denial and win their appeal through the help of an attorney. You have no time to lose. Contact our office today!

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