Southern Fidelity Claim Denial

You feel safe when you buy your insurance policy from a famous insurance company, like Southern Fidelity. However, popularity doesn’t mean that they will pay your claim out faster than any other company. It can be more frustrating when you are receiving poor service from a company you trusted. Southern Fidelity has multiple documented instances of waiting to move a claim forward until the policy holder has hired an attorney and filed suit.

An insurance company is just a business. They are looking at their profits every year, and this is what’s most important. Anytime insurance companies choose to pay out a claim, they are reducing their earnings. This can be troubling because you have a claim that needs to be paid. If you have received a Southern Fidelity claim denial or underpayment, you need to hire legal representation. It is time to contact the experts. 

Insurance Claim HQ is an experienced law firm handling insurance claim denials with some of the top companies in the country. Once you have received your rejection, you only have a limited amount of time to be able to file your appeal. So, we suggest that you get in contact with our offices immediately. 

We need to thoroughly review your claim, denial, and begin working on your appeal. Don’t worry, many policyholders face denials every year, and they will still receive compensation. However, hiring an experienced insurance claim lawyer will most likely give you a better chance of winning your appeal. 


Why was my claim denied?

Honestly, there could be several reasons why your claim was denied, so we’d need to review your information. Even though we don’t know the specifics of your case, there are many common reasons why insurance claims are denied:

  • You don’t have coverage in your policy for the type of claim you filed. You filed for flood damage, but you didn’t pay for that add-on to your coverage. 
  • Lapsed coverage because you missed payments
  • Clerical errors, like your insurance company entering in the wrong code or information
  • Your claim exceeds the amount of your insurance coverage
  • Your claim does not exceed your deductible

These are some legitimate denials of your insurance claim. However, there are instances where your insurance company can act in bad faith. If your policy covers your claim, then they are required to pay. Sometimes, your insurance company will rush through their claim and make a decision prematurely. An expert bad faith insurance attorney can spot this mistake and file this information in with your appeal. Remember, your case isn’t over until it’s over. 


If your claim has been denied, you need help 

It’s time to stop handling everything on your own, especially when you’ve already received a denied claim. We will support you through every step of the process to make sure you understand everything that’s going on. We care about our appeal as if it was our own. You need compensation to repair your damages, so let us help you get it. Contact our offices today to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to go over your claim and your options.

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