United Property & Casualty Insurance Company Claim Denial

United Property & Casualty Insurance Company, also known as UPC, has a strong rating among insurance companies. Although this company works best with homeowners on the eastern coast, new homeowners, and retirees, this insurance company only covers 12 states, generally around the Gulf and Atlantic coast. UPC is known as an insurance company that specializes in “catastrophe” areas. 

Those that are in these areas can consider this an excellent company to provide them with insurance coverage. However, just because a company can afford to pay out your claim, doesn’t mean that they will. When your UPC claim has been denied or underpaid, you must seek out the help of a skilled bad faith insurance attorney

Insurance Claim HQ is a law firm of experienced insurance claim attorneys. If you have been notified of a United Property & Casualty Insurance Company claim denial, then you should contact our offices immediately. We understand that it can be frustrating receiving a claim denial or underpayment, but it is even worse if you lose your appeal. Most people don’t realize this but a denial or an underpayment is the first move in a complicated game of chess that insurance companies like to play. They want you to give up and walk away, but if you are a good enough chess player, you can win in many situations. 

We offer free consultations so that you can discuss the details of your case. Even if you feel like your denial was valid, we still recommend getting an expert opinion. Call our office today to schedule your appointment.  


Why was my insurance claim denied?

There could be several reasons why your insurance claim was denied, but some of them aren’t legal. Most people don’t realize that an insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. You agree to pay your premium, and your insurance company agrees to cover your damages as long as they fall between specific guidelines. 

So, if you have damages that are covered by your policy, your insurance company is responsible for covering your claim. If they don’t cover your claim, then they are acting in bad faith. A skilled insurance claim attorney can research your claim and determine if the insurance company had a valid reason to deny it. 

There are many valid reasons your insurance company can use to deny your insurance claim. Some of the most common are:

  • Misrepresentation of your claim
  • Missing claim deadlines
  • Your deductible didn’t exceed the amount of the damage
  • Your policy doesn’t cover the damage
  • You didn’t pay your premium

Some of these seem like common sense, but most people don’t know what is specifically covered in their insurance policy. There are many add-ons that you would need to pay for on your policy to be fully covered, but most insurance agents don’t tell you this. So, you could have protection from fire damage, but you wouldn’t have protection from flood damage. It is essential that you understand every aspect of your policy before you file your claim or appeal. One of the other benefits to bringing your claim to an attorney is that a skilled attorney will look for claims against the agency as well. We have been successful in recovering money from insurance agencies when there was no valid insurance coverage. 


It would help if you had an experienced attorney that is on your side

Handling your claim on your own can be difficult, but hiring a skilled insurance claims attorney can make it easier. You’ve had enough stress with your denial; you don’t deserve to have any more. We recommend you contact our office today to schedule your appointment. We need to begin building your appeal as soon as possible.

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