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Our firm is uniquely positioned to defend litigation for:

  • The self-insured
  • Insurance carriers
  • Third-party administrators

We work throughout Southeast Louisiana. Our attorneys are licensed in federal and state courts. We encourage you to contact a New Orleans litigation attorney from our firm now for a consultation.

Representing Clients in Casualty Litigation Claims

Claims often arise in:

These all fit into the category of casualty litigation. Casualty litigation claims can be devastating, even with adequate insurance coverage, due to the reputational damage these claims can cause. Not only is winning a concern, but remediating long-term damage is of the utmost importance.

Our litigators pride themselves on being trial savvy, cost effective, and results driven. We work with the clients and the insurer to form a results-oriented plan to achieve client objectives while minimizing costs.

Dedicated Law Firm in Louisiana on Your Side

At Insurance Claim HQ, we have frequent and intensive experience in local courts. We also often take part in mediation and arbitration. This detailed knowledge of the procedures and persons involved underscores our ability to strive for client goals-without increasing client costs.

Our firm litigates often. We can address your property damage, premises liability, automobile liability, defamation, and class action matters. These cases require detailed knowledge of the law and an ability to navigate the courts as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our experience in business law dictates our ability to accomplish these goals. Our background in litigation also allows us to prepare these matters for trial quickly without the need for unnecessarily increasing costs on expert fees.

Of course, contract liability, products liability, and bad faith are our bread and butter. We frequently are involved in contract liability matters and can often resolve these matters favorably for the client outside of court with minimal cost. You can rely on us for assistance in your case.

Proven Experience, Positive Results

As frequent appearances in the courtroom are the norm for Insurance Claim HQ, we can confidently advise you on the challenges your matter presents as well as the likelihood for quick resolution. It is only by being in the courtroom often that this experience can be garnered.

We are not the attorneys that sit on the phone all day and avoid litigation at all costs. We are in the trenches and can use that experience to not only place pressure on the other side, but also to give you a realistic expectation as to what the likely outcome may be. This experience should aid your casualty litigation needs.

We also often provide pre-insurance counsel. Sometimes you are served with an action and your insurer simply does not get back to you in time. You cannot wait to find out if you will be covered. This can be dangerous and can eventually lead to a negative outcome and is one of the most dangerous parts about casualty litigation. Let us protect your rights while your insurer decides whether to protect you.

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