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Owner issues can vary on construction projects. Owners on larger, more complex commercial and residential construction projects have specific considerations which necessitate certain legal protections and guidance separate and apart from smaller residential home owners.

Homeowner’s claims are often governed by the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act. Our construction lawyers have a significant amount of legal training and background in prosecuting New Home Warranty Act claims on behalf of homeowners, as well as defending claims on behalf of general contractors.

Our legal team has written and taught seminars on Real Estate Commission approved continuing education courses explaining and detailing the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act. This experience in litigation, and in writing and teaching continuing education relative to the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act, has allowed our construction lawyers the ability to understand the legal implications and considerations which impact both the homeowner and the contractor involved in new construction and renovation.

Our attorneys are also always involved in the making and developing new law in this arena, as the New Home Warranty Act is relatively young. There is still a significant amount of jurisprudence and legal interpretation which is left to develop underneath the New Home Warranty Act’s statutory scheme, and our construction lawyers are proud to be a part of that litigation.

Our construction lawyers are experienced and ready to assist owners and construction companies on ensuring you effectively navigate the Louisiana New Home Warranty Act. Our construction lawyers have significant experience in represented owners in commercial and residential construction claims, as well as defending contractors for claims filed by owners.

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