Helping Leaders Elevate Their Focus and Align Their Teams - Episode 83

Helping Leaders Elevate Their Focus and Align Their Teams – Episode 83

Level Up Claims
July 10, 2024

Episode Description

Galen Hair sits down with Dave McKeown, a leadership consultant, author, and speaker who has collaborated with top organizations like Google and FedEx. They explore the transition from growth to scalability in business and the pivotal role of effective leadership. McKeown shares practical advice on avoiding the trap of being the “hero”; and emphasizes the importance of empowering teams. If you’re interested in transforming your leadership style and building a team that thrives autonomously, this episode is a must-listen!



  • The impact of leadership from the top.
  • The concept of leading through “acts of heroism”.
  • Transitioning from hero-based to team-based leadership.
  • The unhealthy cycle of heroic leadership.
  • The importance of delegation and empowering the team.
  • Challenges in relinquishing control for leaders.
  • Dave’s process to help leaders shift their mindsets.
  • Long-term rewards of scalable leadership.
  • Common threads in leadership across large and small organizations.
  • Balancing systems/processes and innovation/creativity.
  • The purpose and benefit of leadership assessments.
  • Importance of continued learning and adapting as a leader.
  • Real-life example of effective delegation in crisis management.

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