Mastering Roofing Sales and Systems with Ryan Groth - Episode 77

Mastering Roofing Sales and Systems with Ryan Groth – Episode 77

Level Up Claims
May 29, 2024

Episode Description

In the latest episode of Level Up Claims, host Galen Hair sits down with Ryan Groth, a former pro outfielder turned sales expert, to discuss sustainable and scalable sales systems for roofing companies. Ryan shares his journey from the Major Leagues to building high-performing sales teams, emphasizing the importance of leadership and process. Tune in for valuable insights on elevating your sales game and hear Ryan’s unique take on leveraging honesty and continuous self-improvement for business success. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their sales strategies!


  • Roofing companies’ dependency on sales.
  • Ryan Groth’s background in professional baseball.
  • Transition from baseball to business.
  • Mentorship launching Ryan into the roofing industry.
  • Importance of leadership, training, and processes.
  • Discussion about the Roofing Technology Think Tank (RT3).
  • Impact of Artificial Intelligence on sales processes.
  • Importance of video sales letters in recruiting.
  • Recruiting strategies and misconceptions about roofing sales.
  • The necessity of a structured sales process.
  • Measuring and optimizing sales performance.
  • Common mistake: Lack of a defined sales process.
  • Elements of effective leadership and planning.
  • Ryan’s perspective on “leveling up”: Honesty and continuous improvement.


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