Raising Up Black Businesses and Franchises with Randolph Love - Episode 81

Raising Up Black Businesses and Franchises with Randolph Love – Episode 81

Level Up Claims
June 27, 2024

Episode Description

This episode features the multi-talented Randolph Love! From his early days in claims to chairing the African American Franchise Council, Randolph shares his inspiring journey and discusses the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses. Tune in to discover why embracing diversity in business leads to community growth and economic success. Don’t miss Galen Hair’s insightful conversation on leveling up, making meaningful connections, and Randolph’s upcoming book. Catch the episode on your favorite podcast platform!



  • Early Influences and Overcoming Adversity
  • Switching Career Paths: From State Farm to Public Adjuster
  • The Significance of Upbringing on Success
  • Business Growth and Financial Success in African American Communities
  • Addressing Disparities in Black-Owned Businesses
  • The Economic Impact of Increasing Black-Owned Businesses
  • Tangible Steps for Supporting Black Entrepreneurs
  • Utilizing Franchise Models to Ensure Business Success
  • The Long-Term Benefits of Supporting Black-Owned Franchises
  • The Role of High-Functioning Networks in Professional Development
  • Empowering African American Entrepreneurs through Proven Business Models
  • Leveraging Data to Support and Invest in Black-Owned Businesses


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