What Does It Mean to You to Level Up - Part 2 - Episode 55

What Does It Mean to You to Level Up? – Part 2 – Episode 55

Level Up Claims
January 2, 2024

Episode Description

This episode features industry leaders sharing their personal and professional insights on ‘leveling up,’ seen as a combination of personal growth, enhancing business operations, and improving industry standards. In their interpretations of ‘leveling up’, they highlight learning, certification, personal freedom, devotion to family, self-comfort, and achievement of best outcomes for clients.


  • John Michael Morgan and Natasha Dumont’s interpretation of leveling up: personal accountability.
  • Leveling up as moving forward and striving to be your best self.
  • Leveling up to be a constant strive for improvement without complacency.
  • Planning for the future, both in professional and personal life.
  • Unlocking your true potential.
  • Supporting another’s success as a reflection of your own.
  • Better representing their clients signifies leveling up for them.
  • Being passionate about what you do.
  • Level up through better training and networking.
  • A progression in life and career.
  • Derek Klein underlines that leveling up for him is about creating freedom, being a better husband and father.
  • Attorney Parker Logan interprets leveling up as becoming comfortable with oneself.

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