Allstate Not Paying Your Homeowner’s Claim?: What To Do

Posted on April 29, 2024


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Allstate Insurance usually provides protection for Gulf Coast homeowners. However, reports of Allstate not paying homeowner’s claims have some policy owners wondering if the company will sufficiently compensate them when they file a claim.

If you have property damage and Allstate denies your insurance claim, you can benefit from our help. Homeowner’s insurance claims are our focus at Insurance Claim HQ. Our knowledgeable attorneys will review your situation and provide advice.

Is Allstate Not Paying Homeowner’s Claims?

Although most customers file claims and receive compensation without incident, it doesn’t always happen. Some Allstate customers have taken their cases to court, contending the company tried to avoid paying claims.

Customers testify that Allstate used tactics such as:

  • Failing to disclose policy exclusions when presenting policies to customers
  • Company-provided insurance adjusters failing to inspect the total damage amounts
  • Offering estimates that cover a fraction of the actual repair costs
  • Accusing customers of insurance fraud

Juries have ruled in favor of plaintiffs in many of these cases, awarding them the compensation they required to repair their homes.

What Are the Reasons Allstate May Refuse To Pay a Claim?

There are various potential reasons for Allstate not paying your home insurance claim. While many are valid, understanding the difference can help you increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Normal wear and tear

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers sudden and accidental damage. The insurance adjuster may state that the damage resulted from regular wear and tear on the home. An example is Allstate denying hail damage coverage because of preexisting wear to the roof.

Incomplete documentation

An insurer may state that they received inadequate evidence to support your claim. You can help with your case by providing photos, videos, detailed records, and repair estimates.

Coverage exclusions

Your policy outlines specific coverages and exclusions. However, those exclusions may need clarification, and it may be challenging to understand what your policy excludes.

Missed deadlines

Most insurance companies specify that homeowners file claims within a predetermined time frame. If your policy does not clearly outline this period, it may make it challenging to complete the paperwork in time.

Different coverage depending on your location

Your policy’s coverage amount and exclusions may depend on where you live. Gulf Coast locations are generally more susceptible to weather-related damage, such as storms and hurricanes.

If you have questions about Allstate not paying homeowner’s claims in your case, our attorneys can review your situation. We will investigate whether the insurance company made a clerical error or misrepresented the policy.

Can a Denied Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Be in Bad Faith?

Insurance companies can take legal steps to reduce costs. These include increasing deductibles, clearly stating exclusions, and educating homeowners about how to prevent storm damage.

However, companies cannot flagrantly deny claims to save money. Louisiana state laws outline insurers’ legal duties to act in good faith. Allstate and other companies must:

  • Avoid misrepresenting facts or provisions
  • Pay settlements within 30 days after a claim is in writing
  • Avoid altering claim applications without the consent of the insured
  • Pay a claim within 60 days of receiving satisfactory proof of loss
  • Avoid misleading claimants about statutes of limitations

Louisiana law also outlines the penalties for insurance companies that disregard the law. You may wonder if bad faith resulted in Allstate not paying homeowner’s claims in your case. If so, our Insurance Claim HQ attorneys will review your circumstances.

How Can You Handle a Denied Allstate Home Insurance Claim?

You may think that once Allstate denies your claim, there’s nothing more you can do. However, you don’t have to settle for a lowball amount or accept a claim denial without investigating the cause.

Proving there is a problem with Allstate not paying claims can be challenging. It can be especially tough for you when juggling other responsibilities after a peril hits your home. While you and your family are dealing with the aftermath of the damage, you can benefit from the support of our experienced staff.

The homeowner’s insurance claim lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ have experience with denied Allstate claims. We can help you file an appeal by collecting evidence, including:

  • Videos and photos of the damage
  • Itemized lists of your damaged belongings
  • An outline of the damaged areas of your home’s exterior and interior
  • Receipts for temporary repairs you made to prevent further damage
  • Repair estimates

We will also review your policy in detail. These steps can help you recover compensation to make the necessary repairs to your home.

Do You Have Questions About Your Denied Allstate Claim? Call Insurance Claim HQ

While insurance companies act in good faith most of the time, there are exceptions. Plaintiffs have won cases against Allstate and other insurers, recovering compensation after a jury determined the company acted in bad faith.

If you believe your situation results from Allstate’s unscrupulous tactics, call the homeowners insurance claim lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ at 844-964-0778. We handle property damage cases throughout the Gulf Coast states. Reach out online to see how we can help you today.