Is Flood Damage Covered by Insurance?

Property Damage Floods can happen anywhere, from the West Coast to the Eastern seaboard. You don’t have to be located …

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New Orleans Property Casual LawyerNew Orleans Property Casual Lawyer

Do You Need Additional Property Insurance?

When you own a home and purchase homeowner’s insurance, you may sleep well at night knowing you have coverage if …

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disaster relief scholarshipdisaster relief scholarship

Insurance Claim HQ Launches Disaster Relief Scholarship

Since 1980, college tuition costs have almost tripled. Yet, in many cases, today’s students receive the same college education as …

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Water Leak Insurance ClaimWater Leak Insurance Claim

How to Make A Successful Water Leak Insurance Claim

Wear and tear issues, such as dripping faucets or torn commode flappers, cause most water leaks in many homes. If …

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Does Insurance Cover Mold RemediationDoes Insurance Cover Mold Remediation

Does Insurance Cover Mold Remediation?

Most homes have mold, especially in low-lying areas like Louisiana. Generally, low levels of mold aren’t harmful and don’t require …

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A Guide to Bad Faith Settlement NegotiationsA Guide to Bad Faith Settlement Negotiations

A Guide to Bad Faith Settlement Negotiations

Worldwide, insurance companies collect over $5 trillion a year in premiums. So, these firms have plenty of money to pay …

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Types of Insurance ClaimsTypes of Insurance Claims

5 Common Types of Insurance Claims

Thousands of insurance companies operate in the United States, and almost half of them are property and casualty (P&C) insurance …

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As Hurricane Season Approaches, Do You Have The Right Insurance?

New Orleans residents are no strangers to hurricanes or flooding, but it can still be confusing as to whether or …

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Hair Shunnarah Urges: “Don’t Forfeit Your Insurance Funds!”

Denied, Delayed and Underpaid Insurance Claims Builds Frustration for Policyholders LAKE CHARLES, La., Jan. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Five months …

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Understanding the Contents Portion of Your Policy

On August 27th of 2020, the fifth strongest storm to ever impact the United States landed near Cameron Parish, Louisiana, …

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