Are the Communications from a Claims Handler That Is an Attorney Privileged?

I woke up in the morning and took out the trash. Yes, I am a lawyer, but in that moment, …

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What Health Effects Can Mold Cause?

“Mold” is an unscientific term for a variety of undesirable indoor and outdoor fungi. Typically, these bacteria need moisture and …

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What to Do After House Fire

How Long Does it Take to Rebuild After a Fire?

In 2019, roughly a half-million fires caused over $12 billion in damages. In addition to the economic losses, even small …

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High Auto Premiums

Hot Wheels: The Ten Most Frequently-Swiped Vehicles in Louisiana

Simple precautions, such as parking in a busy, well-lit area, locking your car, and taking your keys, are more effective …

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A Hurricane Season Approaches, Do You Have The Right Insurance?

New Orleans residents are no strangers to hurricanes or flooding, but it can still be confusing as to whether or …

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Do You Need an Expert to Determine A Total Loss?

If your home has sustained significant damage in a disaster and there is a possibility it could be considered a …

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Legal Counsel

The Three Types of Bad Faith Claims in Louisiana

In 2019, the ten largest insurance companies in the United States collected about $330 billion in property insurance policy premiums. …

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What Does a Residential Insurance Policy Cover?

For homeowners, residential property claims usually follow devastating events, such as severe flood, wind, or fire damage. But for the …

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The Dirty (Half) Dozen Bad Faith Tactics

Louisiana law imposes a duty of good faith and fair dealing on insurance companies. At a minimum, good faith means …

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‘Cheers’ Sues Insurance Company Over Coronavirus Shutdown

Hampshire House, the owner of this iconic Boston establishment, wants a court to force Fireman’s Fund Insurance to pay a …

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