Our Record

Speaks for itself
Our attorneys have spent years negotiating complicated property insurance claims on behalf of people like you. We know how to work with insurance companies to get you accurate compensation and total peace of mind. Here are just some of our recent successes:
Hurricane Damage Award

Our client suffered a huge property loss in Lake Charles, LA as a result of both Hurricanes Laura and Delta. The insurance company came back with a first offer of $50,000. We immediately declined it and fought tirelessly for them. Because of that, we ended up winning our client $9,000,000.

Hail Damage Settlement

The insurance company examined our client’s claim, and sought to deny it, likely due to the fact they were not represented by an attorney. Once our client brought us in, we were able to settle the claim for $325,000.00.

Flood Damage Settlement

Our client’s home was damaged in a flood, and even though their home sustained serious damage, the insurance company offered them nothing when they filed their claim. Once they retained us, we got to work proving their damages to the insurance claim and we were able to settle their claim for $500,000.00.

Water Damage Verdict

The insurance claim was unwilling to settle our client’s claim, so instead, we took them to court. The result was a verdict of $599,178.86.

Fire Damage Settlement

Before we filed a lawsuit, the insurance company was unwilling to offer a single dollar to our client. After we proved the value of our client’s claim, and filed a lawsuit, we settled the case for $825,000.

Water Damage Verdict

Our client had a pipe break in their home resulting in serious property damage, but the insurance company was unwilling to pay the full value of the claim until we took them to court. We were successful and obtained a verdict.

Client Testimonials

More than any sum awarded, what really drives us is earning the trust of our clients as we work tirelessly to make them whole. Here’s what a few have to say about our team:

After my house caught on fire, I didn’t know where to turn. They took the time. They explained everything to me. I think God sent them to me- and I call them angels.

Henrietta J.

Galen stands above the rest! He is calm under pressure, calculated, decisive, and a compassionate advocate for his clients. I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done. Meeting Galen has been a game changer! Thank you, Galen!

Lloyd H.

This is a fantastic firm. In every experience I’ve had with them, they were both courteous and professional. I would highly recommend them.

Anthony Naquin

David Spinner and Galen Hair handled my case. They did a phenomenal job!! I am so impressed. I would use them for any legal need, complex or simple. They’re a sophisticated firm that is still relatable. I’ll use them again for sure.

Zack Smith