Is Pool Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Posted on August 18, 2023


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Has your pool been damaged by a storm? Insurance Claim HQ’s homeowners insurance attorneys can help you determine if your insurer covers swimming pool damage. Contact us to speak with a homeowners insurance attorney serving New Orleans and beyond.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pool Damage?

Your homeowner insurance can cover swimming pool damage, depending on policy language.

An indoor swimming pool is part of your home. An outdoor pool can be covered as part of the home or with other structures, including the fence, shed, patio, dressing rooms, and other outdoor features. Above-ground pools may be considered personal property or part of the other structures category.

A seasonal above-ground pool that is portable may be considered personal property. Your personal property policy can cover damages up to 50% based on the deductible. An above-ground pool that is permanently installed with a special deck is often designated as “other structures”. As with in-ground pools, repairs are valued at 10% of the entire property value.

Covered Perils for Swimming Pool Damage

A covered peril is usually considered an “act of nature” or other event that harms your property. This includes:

  • Fire
  • Rain and hail
  • Severe windstorms
  • Lightning strikes
  • Vandalism

If a windstorm or heavy rain with hail damages your pool, patio and deck area, your policy may cover a percentage of the cost of repairs less your deductible.

Swimming pool damage insurance claims are not unusual after a heavy storm. However, damages to your pool from neglect or general wear and tear are not usually covered.

Your pool can sustain damage from persons visiting your home. It is difficult to damage an in-ground concrete or fiberglass pool, but there are circumstances when part of the structure or its accessories such as ladders and diving boards, can be damaged.

Vinyl pool liners can also be damaged in pools set in the ground or above ground. Pipes may burst due to weather conditions. Your policy may cover the damages, based on the circumstances. You should also review your policy deductible to see if it’s worth it to file a claim.

Umbrella Coverage for Swimming Pools

Many homeowner policies offer personal liability insurance starting at $100,000 and moving up to $500,000. An umbrella policy may cover your automobile insurance and personal liability well above the amount on your homeowner liability policy.

When do I file a claim?

There are time limits that apply when filing a claim for damaged property. It’s important to get the potential damages assessed as soon as possible.

Check your insurance policy and file a claim if your pool has sustained damage due to extreme weather conditions. You can also file a claim if someone has damaged the pool and surrounding area.

Reach Out to a Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorney About Swimming Pool Damage

Contact us at Insurance Claim HQ if you have questions about your swimming pool coverage. Our experienced attorneys are here to help file a claim or appeal a denied one if necessary.