Jared M. Shearman

Jared Shearman is an experienced insurance litigation attorney who has dedicated his career to representing clients in state and federal courts throughout Louisiana. 

Prior to joining the firm, Jared served as an Assistant District Attorney in Orleans Parish and had gained significant experience in representing clients in personal injury litigation.

Jared has now focused his career on helping homeowners and business owners across the state of Louisiana fight their insurance companies – who are consistently delaying, denying, and underpaying their insureds – to recover the money they need to rebuild in the aftermath of the most recent hurricanes that have devastated the state.

5 Star Review
Jared Shearman is the only person for the job. When the insurance company doesn't cover everything Jared brings them to task and makes them. We wouldn't be able to finish repairs without his skills. Thank you for taking the time to help us with our case.
5 Star Review
My insurance company was giving me a lot of trouble and not wanting to pay my claim to fix my house. My neighbor recommended Jared M. Shearman with Hair Shearman Insurance Claim Lawyers, Inc. That was the best call I could have made to get help with my claim. Jared M. Shearman with Hair Shearman Insurance Claim Lawyers, Inc was understanding and compassionate about what I was going through with my claim. Jared M. Shearman handled everything with my insurance company for me. Jared M. Shearman kept me up to date on everything going on with my Insurance company. Jared M. Shearman settled my claim for more than 1280% of what the Insurance company originally paid me. I was very much appreciated and satisfied with the hard work that Jared M. Shearman and Hair Shearman Insurance Claim Lawyers have done for my family and myself to get me the money I needed to fix my house. Everybody at Hair Shearman Insurance Claims Lawyers Inc. was so nice and willing to help with any questions and problems that came up. I would highly recommend Jared M. Shearman and Hair Shearman Insurance Claim Lawyers, Inc for any problems with Insurance claims. Thank you so much for all the help y'all have given me.