John S.H Miner

John S.H. Miner

John was born to Steve and Debbie Miner and raised in Ocean Springs, located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He attended Christ School, a college preparatory school in Asheville, North Carolina and graduated from Biloxi High School in Biloxi, MS. He then went on to attend the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. Throughout his educational career John had always planned on attending dental school to become a dentist. He majored in biomedical sciences and set on his path.


In 2005 John’s life took an abrupt turn. Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region, taking with it everything John had come to know and love. He watched as the community around him struggled to rebuild their lives. Much of his family and close friends were left with nothing but a slab where their house once stood and they needed someone to turn to after having been denied insurance coverage. He became fascinated by the arguments for and against insurance coverage of the wreckage. John felt the impact attorney’s have on society firsthand and witnessed their ability to help change lives and stand up for those in times of need. It was then that he decided he wanted to become one.


John returned to South Alabama with his new found interest and inspiration. He excelled in his academics and learned invaluable skills through his various leadership roles. After college, John attended the University of Mississippi School of Law, where he again excelled academically and honed his courtroom skills through his active participation on Trial Board.


After graduating, John met James T. Laura Jr., the managing partner of Alexander Shunnarah Gulf Coast. He was immediately drawn to Jay’s explanation of the philosophy of the firm and felt a personal connection with their passion to represent those in times of need. John knew this was what he wanted to do. He now works for the firm and demands the most of himself while representing individuals against the powerful to help their wrong be righted.
John is an avid outdoorsman, who enjoys fishing, camping, and boating. He participates in sailing regattas regularly and is currently working towards obtaining his pilot’s license.