Burst Pipe Insurance Claim Tips For Home and Business Owners

Posted on September 20, 2021


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As a Louisiana home or business owner, few problems can cause such widespread damage as a burst plumbing pipe. At Insurance Claim HQ, we plan to give you burst pipe insurance claim tips to help effectively navigate your claim.

Water pipes bursting can cause flooding indoors, damage to flooring, and even structural problems.

While you might depend on your insurance company to cover the cost of your losses, submitting burst pipe claims and facing coverage denial only furthers your troubles. At Insurance Claim HQ, we investigate insurance claim denials and offer these tips for burst pipe insurance claims to help you feel more at ease about the filing process. Contact us for legal assistance from a lawyer for pipe burst damage today.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

Cold weather is one of the most common causes of burst pipes in Louisiana. Infrequent ice storms, hard frosts, and temperatures that drop below freezing can have a significant effect on our plumbing pipes. When the water within a pipe freezes, the pressure that builds up eventually causes the pipe to burst.

While frozen pipes often lead to bursting and water damage, other environmental issues can lead to plumbing pipe failures, such as:

  • Tree root interference
  • Mineral buildup due to hard water
  • Soil erosion that reduces pipe burial depth

When a burst pipe occurs, you can prepare to file a claim with your insurance company by doing all you can to contain the flooding. Turn off the water main in your home or business and take photos of the damage if it is safe to enter the flooded area. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible about the burst pipe and file your claim.

What Are Some Common Questions About Burst Pipes?

You may not think about the possibility of a pipe burst in your home or business, but an awareness of the risks and learning the answers to a few frequently asked questions can help you feel prepared.

Are there warning signs that a pipe might burst?

When a water pipe begins to fail, you may notice sudden changes in your water pressure, rising water bills, and a change in your water’s quality or color. Address any leaks you find right away to reduce the risk of pipe failure and water damage.

What steps do I take when a pipe bursts?

If a pipe bursts in your Louisiana home or business, act with safety in mind first. Turn off your water main if you can, and contain the flooded area by closing doors and lining the threshold with towels and other absorbent material.

Call your insurance provider right away and report the problem.

Can a burst water pipe cause a fire?

Burst pipes may leak before they fail. These leaks can cause water to trickle into areas containing electrical systems, damaging wire insulation and creating sparks that touch off a fire. Avoid storing items in areas near water pipes, fuse boxes, and electrical outlets to reduce this risk.

Why is mold growth so common after a flood caused by a burst pipe?

Mold growth can occur quickly within indoor areas after a pipe bursts because of the humidity caused by standing water. Your homeowner’s policy may contain specific language regarding mold remediation and restoration, but in most cases, this is not a covered issue unless the damage is the result of a covered peril.

Burst Pipe Insurance Claim Tips: How to Avoid Common Problems

When you are ready to file your claim, avoiding a few common errors can help prevent an insurance coverage denial. Submit photos and videos of the damage with your claim, including the damaged pipe. Avoid performing any serious cleanup or mitigation efforts until an insurance adjuster arrives.

Your insurance company will send the adjuster to your property to review the damages and gauge whether any secondary problems contributed to the pipe failure. Answer all questions honestly, but avoid making statements the insurance company may use to deny your claim later.

Why Do Burst Pipe Claims Often Get Denied by Insurance?

Many insurance companies blame homeowners for burst plumbing pipe damages and refuse to pay out, leaving their customers on the hook for repair and restoration costs. You can avoid this when making a burst water pipe insurance claim to reduce your chances of a limited payout or claim denial.

Poor maintenance claims

The insurance adjuster who examines your home or business may try to claim that poor maintenance caused a pipe burst. Keeping your home’s plumbing and exterior pipes well-maintained can prevent this type of claim refusal.

Incomplete or missing information in the documentation

Insurance companies can deny your claim for any error on your claim form or if it is missing information. They may also claim an excluded peril outlined in your insurance policy, such as whether your home or business was unoccupied due to a vacation or extended holiday closure when the pipe burst occurred.

Bad faith claims

Some insurance companies act in bad faith when they refuse to fulfill their contractual obligations. When you submit a burst water pipe insurance claim, your insurance company must act promptly, conduct a thorough investigation, and advise you of your rights as a policyholder when discussing coverage and damage issues.

Contact Us for Burst Pipe Insurance Claim Tips and Assistance

When a burst water pipe damages your Louisiana home or business, acting quickly can prevent an insurance claim denial. Contact our pipe burst lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ today using our online form or calling 844-964-0778 for more information and to find help with filing and handling your claim.