Can You Hurricane-Proof a House?

Posted on October 16, 2023


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On average, five hurricanes reach landfall in the United States each year. About two a year are major hurricanes with wind speeds exceeding 110 miles per hour. Even winds of 50-60 miles per hour create high risk of damage, so these hurricanes pose a danger to homes.

Homeowners need to know if they can hurricane-proof a house. If you protect your home from a hurricane and your property still suffered damage, contact our homeowners insurance claim attorneys serving New Orleans for guidance filing a claim.

Can You Hurricane-Proof Your House?

While it’s difficult to prevent all damage outright, there are things you can do to protect your house from hurricanes. The right building materials, home reinforcements, yard care and boarding doors and windows can maximize your home’s defenses to prevent hurricane damage.

How To Make Your House More Hurricane-Proof

Here are some ways that you can make your home hurricane-resistant:

1. Choose the right building materials

A home that stands up to hurricanes has the right building materials. Some building materials are stronger than others. For example, concrete is stable. Adding steel reinforcement with concrete can make a home even stronger. Building with wood is not recommended for hurricane resilience, but hurricane ties and straps can add additional support. In addition, there are different types of roofing materials that vary in their ability to withstand a hurricane.

2. Shut and board up doors and windows

To protect doors and windows, shut them and board them up. The exact process depends on whether you have vinyl siding or a brick or stucco exterior. Generally, you can use plywood, but there are other panels that can work if you aren’t able to find plywood. You can also use permanent hurricane shutters. In addition to boarding up windows and doors, caulking them can help prevent water from entering your home.

3. Secure your yard

A common way that hurricanes cause damage is from debris and trees in the yard. Cut weak branches. Ensure your landscaping is maintained, looking for anything that may break free.

Secure objects in the yard including furniture, yard debris, garden ornaments and hanging pots. Anchor larger structures, like sheds.

4. Reinforce the roof

The roof’s covering is exposed to the environment. Over time, it can deteriorate. In addition, roof sheathing must be secured to prevent holes. Missing shingles may leave your home vulnerable.

Ensuring the roof’s components are sound structurally can optimize your home’s hurricane resistance.

5. Address vulnerable points in the home

Porches, garages and entryways are vulnerable points for wind to damage a home. These parts of the house can tear away, leaving the home exposed. Connection points must be strong to withstand uplift. Connections that have deteriorated may not be effective. Retrofitting at these points can make the home overall more likely to withstand hurricane forces.

Do You Have Hurricane Damage To Your Home? Talk to a Lawyer Serving New Orleans

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