How Florida’s New Roof Replacement Law Affects Homeowners

Posted on October 16, 2023


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Florida’s new roof replacement law is affecting homeowners trying to rebuild. Now, the age of your roof may impact what happens if your home sustains roof damage. The homeowners insurance claim lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ explain the new roofing law in Florida and what you need to know.

What Are the Changes to Florida’s Roofing Law?

The changes to Florida’s roofing law are that a homeowner who suffers roof damage can now repair only the damaged part. They no longer must replace the entire roof.

What Is Florida’s New Roof Replacement Law?

Florida’s new roof replacement law is Florida Statutes § 552.844(5). The law says that if the existing roof was built or repaired in compliance with the 2007 Florida Building Code, or a later code, only the repaired or replaced section needs to comply with the Florida Building Code.

What was Florida’s old roof replacement law?

Florida’s old roof replacement law was Florida Building Code § 706.1.1. It requires replacement of the entire system if more than 25% of a roof is repaired or replaced in a 12-month period.

Florida Statutes § 552.844(5) changes the rule for roofs that are compliant with 2007 Building Code standards.

The 2007 Code added requirements for roof construction intending to improve strength and durability including standards for materials, performance and flashing. There have been subsequent changes to the Florida Building Code. However, lawmakers have chosen the 2007 standards as the benchmark. The purpose of the regulations is to have roofs built that can withstand strong winds.

Understanding the Florida Roof Replacement Law

The old roofing law required costly, large-scale roof repairs. Patchwork wasn’t allowed if the damage reached the 25% threshold.

Lawmakers expect that newer roofs, built following later building codes, are stronger to withstand damage. They believe that allowing patchwork in more circumstances will result in cost savings to consumers through lower insurance premiums. However, homeowners with claims may face challenges in having appropriate repairs covered by insurance.

What does Florida’s new roof replacement law mean for a homeowner following a hurricane?

With the new law, the age of your roof may be a factor in what the insurance company will do. If there is hurricane damage to more than 25% of the roof, whether it is repaired or patched may depend on how old the roof is. The 2007 Florida Building Code went into effect on March 1, 2009. Roofs built or repaired around this time may need evaluation to determine what is required.

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