Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Spoiled Food from Power Outages?

Posted on June 5, 2023


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A prolonged power outage may leave you with a refrigerator full of rotting food, saddling you with huge losses. It may leave you wondering, does homeowners insurance cover spoiled food from a power outage?

Homeowners insurance may reimburse you for the cost of the spoiled food, but only if the policy covers the root cause of the power outage. You’ll need to read the fine print on your policy to get specific details.

Generally, standard home insurance covers food loss due to a power outage or a refrigerator malfunction. If you or your loved one need to recover food losses through your homeowner’s policy, the homeowners insurance claim attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ can help.

How Much is the Reimbursement for Food Loss

If your policy covers food spoilage, your homeowners insurance may reimburse you between $500 to $2,500, depending on the policy’s limits.

The policy may cover food spoilage losses from power outages affecting only your home or the entire neighborhood. It may also cover food losses resulting from a mechanical breakdown of your refrigeration unit.

Your insurance policy, not the amount of food that goes bad, determines the recoverable amount. You can only recover losses up to the upper limit of your insurance coverage. For instance, if you lose food worth $800, but your policy limit is $500, the reimbursement for food loss will be capped at $500.

Claiming Insurance for Food Spoilage

You can take a few measures to expedite the process of claiming insurance for food spoilage:

  • Document the loss: Accurately document the loss incurred by itemizing the spoiled food or taking clear photos or videos.
  • Understand your coverage: Review your policy to understand the coverage limits or the deductible that may apply.
  • Contact your home insurer: Contact your insurance company to report the loss and initiate the claim process as soon as possible.
  • Provide accurate information: Describe the loss honestly and accurately. Presenting false information or exaggerating the loss may lead to claim denial.
  • Track the progress: Follow up on your claim if you don’t hear back from your insurer promptly.
  • Keep records: Keep copies of your correspondence with your insurance company, including emails and letters, as they may provide evidence during a dispute.

Insurance Claim HQ Can Help

Besides ruining your food supply, storm damage can lead to heavy losses. At Insurance Claim HQ, we’re committed to helping homeowners recover after a major upheaval. Our seasoned homeowners insurance claim attorneys will help you secure a just and fair settlement. You can count on our decades of experience dealing with insurance companies to protect you from bad faith practices and lowball offers. If necessary, our attorneys will argue your case before the court to help you get fair compensation.

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FAQs About Food Spoilage

Can I sue the power company if I lose my food due to a power interruption?

You may recover damages from the power company if the power interruption resulted directly from the provider’s negligent actions.

Can homeowners insurance cover food loss if my power is disconnected?

Your homeowner’s policy will not reimburse you for food spoilage if your power is shut off.