Tips for Hiring a Hurricane Repair Contractor

Posted on August 18, 2023


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Natural disasters like hurricanes and storms can have devastating effects on your property. As a result, top on your to-do list after such an event is hiring a hurricane repair contractor. To ensure your home restoration goes smoothly and remains on budget, you must find a reliable contractor.

Learn the top tips for hiring a contractor after hurricane damage and how Insurance Claim HQ can help you make your homeowners insurance claim.

Tips for Hiring a Contractor After Hurricane Damage

Stay clear of door to door hurricane repair contractors

Depending on the type and extent of damage, living conditions after a hurricane can be terrible. Naturally, you’ll want the leaks and other damage fixed swiftly.

While a contractor appearing at your doorstep may seem like perfect timing, it may be the contrary. Often, door-to-door contractors lack the necessary expertise, licensing, and insurance. As a result, hiring them puts you at risk of poor craftsmanship resulting in higher costs and affecting your eligibility for homeowners insurance.

Do a full property damage inspection

While most damage may be easily visible, some may be hard to spot. Therefore, before hiring a contractor after hurricane damage, have your property thoroughly assessed for damage. Identifying and repairing damage early on will save you higher repair costs later.

Get two or three estimates

Now that you know the full extent of the damage, you can begin your hunt for a hurricane repair contractor. Search online and ask family and friends for referrals to reputable companies in your area. To ensure you get the best services and pricing, don’t settle for the first provider you find. Have at least two or three come over and give you an estimate.

Assess the candidates

Armed with your estimates and first impression of the contractors, you can begin assessing them. Consider factors like professionalism, communication skills, transparency, and track record.

Some of the steps you should take while reviewing storm damage repair contractors include:

  • Request and review their insurance and license
  • Check online reviews for previous clients’ sentiments
  • Ask the contractor to give you three references and check them

After this stage, it’ll be easier to narrow your options down to one.

Have a written contract

Ensure that you have a written contract outlining critical elements of the project, including:

  • Scope of repairs
  • Materials to be used
  • Estimates
  • Schedule of payments and timeline

Speak to an Attorney Before Signing the Assignment of Benefits

Before work begins, you may need to sign the ‘Assignment of Benefits,’ formally transferring your home insurance policy benefits and rights to the contractor. However, you should consult an attorney beforehand, as doing so may affect your ability to make an insurance claim.

Working with Your Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorney

An experienced homeowners insurance claim attorney can be invaluable after a hurricane. Our attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ will offer legal guidance and advocate for your best interest during the repair process and settlement negotiations.

Get in touch with us today for assistance with making a homeowners insurance claim.

Hiring Hurricane Repair Contractors FAQs

Can the contractor assist with insurance claim documentation?

While contractors can provide detailed assessments and estimates for insurance claims, consulting with a homeowners insurance claim attorney is essential to ensure proper documentation.

What should I do if I encounter issues with the contractor’s work?

If issues arise with the contractor’s work, promptly communicate concerns, and involve your homeowner’s insurance claim attorney to explore potential legal remedies. Act swiftly to ensure effective restoration.