What to Do If the Home Insurance Company Won’t Investigate

Posted on July 10, 2023


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Whenever you file a home insurance claim, in most cases, the only thing that stands between you and compensation is the investigation by your insurance company. You do your part by filing the claim, and as such, the insurance company should promptly investigate the matter and provide a fair resolution.

However, there are instances where insurance companies fail to fulfill their obligations, leaving policyholders frustrated and unsure about their next steps.

Our bad faith insurance attorneys will take time to explain what Louisiana insurers are legally obligated to do when evaluating your claim, the typical timeframe for completing an investigation, and when a potential bad faith lawsuit arises due to prolonged delays.

Understanding Louisiana Insurers’ Obligations

How long should insurers in Louisiana take to investigate a claim?

Under Louisiana law, insurance companies are required to promptly and thoroughly investigate claims submitted by policyholders. This investigation includes gathering necessary information, evaluating the claim’s validity, and assessing the appropriate coverage and damages.

How should insurance investigations in Louisiana proceed?

Insurers must act in good faith, meaning they must approach the claim investigation process honestly and without any intention to deny or delay a claim unfairly. If an insurer fails to conduct a proper investigation, they may be acting in bad faith.

What Is The Timeframe For Completing An Investigation?

While Louisiana law does not specify a timetable for completing a claim inquiry, insurance firms are generally obliged to resolve claims promptly. The length of an investigation might vary depending on the claim’s complexity. Some of the factors that might affect the timeframe for completing an investigation include the availability of relevant information and other variables. However, insurance firms are generally expected to process claims quickly and efficiently.

How To Recognize Potential Bad Faith Claims

If your insurance company unreasonably delays or refuses to investigate your claim, you may have grounds for a potential bad faith claim. Typically, insurance bad faith occurs when an insurer fails to fulfill its obligations and acts unfairly towards the policyholder. It is best to speak with an expert bad faith insurance attorney to establish whether your insurance company’s conduct constitutes bad faith. They can analyze your case, assess the facts, and walk you through your legal alternatives.

Seeking Legal Assistance If You Suspect Bad Faith

When dealing with a home insurance company that refuses to investigate your claim, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable bad faith insurance attorney. The attorney will review your policy, gather evidence, and assess the actions of your insurance company to determine whether you have a valid bad faith claim. If a bad faith claim is viable, they will guide you through the legal process and work towards obtaining the compensation you deserve.

How A Bad Faith Insurance Claim Attorney Can Help

It can be frustrating and confusing when your home insurance company fails to investigate your claim. More importantly, if you encounter an insurance company that unreasonably delays or refuses to investigate, you may have grounds for a bad faith claim.

At Insurance Claim HQ, we have experience helping people protect their rights and pursue the compensation they deserve. Do not let an uncooperative insurance company stand in the way of your rightful claim resolution. Contact us today to talk about your case.

FAQs About Home Insurance Investigations

Can an insurance company delay investigating my home insurance claim indefinitely?

No, insurance companies have a legal obligation to investigate claims promptly. While there is no specific time limit, an unreasonable delay may indicate bad faith.

What should I do if my home insurance company refuses to investigate my claim?

If your insurance company refuses to investigate your claim, seeking legal assistance from an experienced bad faith insurance attorney is recommended. They can evaluate your situation and advise you on the best course of action.