How Long Do You Have to File a Hurricane Claim in Florida?

Posted on October 16, 2023


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Even though you have a lot of things to do after suffering home damage from a hurricane, getting your claim filed on time is important.

Our hurricane damage lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ explains the time limit for filing a hurricane claim in Florida.

How Long You Have to File a Hurricane Claim in Florida

You have one year to file a hurricane claim in Florida. The one-year period is measured from the day the hurricane makes landfall.

What is the statute of limitations for filing a hurricane claim in Florida?

Florida Statutes § 627.70132 creates the statute of limitations for filing a hurricane claim in Florida. The law says that a claim is barred unless notice is given to the insurer within one year.

Notice must be given in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy.

On other sites it says that I have more time to file a claim – who is right?

The law was updated recently. If you read on another site that you have up to three years, that information is outdated. For all claims going forward, one year is the time limit.

Who decides when the hurricane makes landfall?

For the purposes of Florida Statutes § 627.70132, it’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) records that determine when a hurricane made landfall for the purpose of giving notice of loss for an insurance claim.

Are there any exceptions to the one-year limit for giving notice of hurricane damage?

The deadline to claim damage from Hurricane Ian is September 28th, 2024. United Property and Casualty (UPC) Insurance, an insurer that went insolvent in February 2023, has a shorter timeframe. That deadline is February 27th, 2024. The Florida Insurance Guaranty Association (FIGA) will be stepping in to assist with UPC claims.

Service members who are deployed to a combat zone or combat support post may have longer to file a claim for hurricane damage if their deployment affects their ability to file a claim.

What Should I Do to File a Hurricane Claim on Time?

Don’t wait to begin your insurance claim. Document damages and file your claim right away.

Waiting to file your claim can give the insurance company an opportunity to question whether the loss resulted from the hurricane. They may say that you failed to mitigate damages in the period before you filed the claim.

In addition, it takes some time to prepare a claim, and you don’t want to leave any doubt about whether you filed your claim on time. Begin preparing, and don’t delay filing your case following a hurricane. You can have an attorney represent you from the very beginning including the initial filing of the claim.

What happens if I miss the deadline to file a hurricane claim in Florida?

If you miss the deadline to file a hurricane claim in Florida, the insurance company will almost certainly deny your claim.

Talk to a Lawyer to File a Hurricane Claim in Florida

At Insurance Claim HQ, we help people with hurricane-related insurance claims in Florida. We’d be happy to help handle your case.

Let our team help you prepare to file your claim and file it. We are experienced professionals who can work to file your claim in a timely manner and represent you in all aspects of your case.

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