How Long Does it Take to Rebuild After a Fire?

Posted on December 23, 2020


Hayden Haskins | author

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In 2019, roughly a half-million fires caused over $12 billion in damages. In addition to the economic losses, even small fires cause significant emotional losses. The constant smell of burnt wood is an unfriendly reminder of these losses.

So, prompt cleanup and restoration is essential. Unfortunately, many claims adjusters look for reasons to deny claims. Additionally, some adjusters ask pointed or embarrassing questions during their investigations. A Louisiana fire damage lawyer stands by you and speaks for you during this process. So, it does not take as long to rebuild after a fire.

Small Fires

Kitchen flare-ups and other small blazes which are confined to a single room often do not cause too much fire damage. But the water and smoke damage can be considerable. This secondary damage could lead to other problems, especially if anyone in the house has breathing sensitivities. Smoke and mold could be almost intolerable.

Insurance companies cannot simply repair the direct damage and leave. If the fire damaged items like the carpet or splashback, the repair must be seamless. The insurance company must either make in-kind replacements or re-do the entire area. All this cleaning and construction usually takes less than a day. 

Additionally, the insurance company must look for other signs of damage. Your fire insurance policy usually covers these collateral matters.

Medium Fires

This category usually includes living room and garage fires which, if not immediately contained, could engulf the entire house.

Extensive cleaning and repainting usually takes care of the soot, water, and smoke damage, even if it is rather extensive. Hidden damage, such as burnt electrical wires, are another matter. An electrician should always at least inspect your house, and not all insurance adjusters are qualified to do this kind of work. Moreover, extinguishing a room-size fire usually damages the drywall permanently.

All this work usually takes about two or three days. The repair time could be longer if furniture must be replaced as well.

Large Fires

If you have a small house, the rebuilding process could take at least a month. The insurance company must generally provide a comparable alternative residence during this period. If you have a four-bedroom house in New Orleans, a two-bedroom place in Baton Rouge will not suffice.

Evaluating the damage is often the most time-consuming portion. Once reconstruction begins, it usually does not take too long.

Fire damage could take a few hours or a few weeks to repair. For a confidential consultation with an experienced property casualty insurance lawyer in New Orleans, contact Insurance Claim HQ. Virtual, after-hours, and home visits are available.