How Much Does an Insurance Claim Lawyer Cost?

Posted on April 4, 2024


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After a disaster damages your home, your insurer could offer less than what you have a right to receive. Even worse, the company may deny your claim entirely.

When confronting this issue, you might want the help of legal counsel but worry that you cannot afford it. We’re here to help you understand how much an insurance lawyer costs.

We’ll share how you can afford to get legal guidance for your dispute. Also, see how our firm, Insurance Claim HQ, assists residents of New Orleans and areas around the country in fighting lowball and denied insurance claims.

You Can Afford to Hire an Insurance Claim Lawyer

Naturally, you don’t want your attorney’s fees to exceed the compensation you can receive for your claim. Our lawyers understand that concern and work to ensure that does not happen.

In fact, you can start your case for free. This is because our firm follows the practice of accepting clients on a contingency basis.

This means that you pay nothing upfront. Our initial consultation costs nothing, and even when you decide to work with us, you don’t have to be concerned over any insurance claim lawyer costs. We only get paid if we win your case using funds that your settlement will cover.

How Much Does an Insurance Lawyer Cost Using the Hourly Rate Structure?

You may also wonder about how much it is for an insurance claim lawyer who charges by the hour. While this structure works well for certain types of legal cases, it is not ideal for insurance claim disputes. This is because you will have to pay the firm whether or not you win your case.

Recent data for hourly lawyer rates in Louisiana put the average at $245. However, some may charge as low as $153 and others as high as $400 per hour. The information also reports that the average hourly fee for lawyers who focus on insurance is typically $171.

Remember that claim disputes may take many weeks or months. This could dramatically inflate how much your insurance lawyer costs and become a burden during an already trying time.

Furthermore, an hourly fee structure is not common among attorneys who normally handle property casualty claims.

Therefore, a lawyer who charges an hourly rate may lack experience in these cases, and you could accrue a hefty bill for little or no return.

As our name says, we give primary attention to insurance claims at Insurance Claim HQ. You can count on us to do what we can to resolve your case in a timely fashion while reducing your financial burden by using a contingency agreement.

How Much Is It for an Insurance Claim Lawyer That Works on Contingency?

With a contingency fee, we only get a percentage of what we help you recover, which is not necessarily the entire value of your claim. This is important to understand when determining how much an insurance lawyer will cost.

To illustrate, The insurer might have initially offered you $15,000 before we took your case. You might get another estimate from a contractor or inspector that says the damage equals $60,000 — $45,000 higher. If we help you establish that your claim is worth $60,000 and you get that payout, we will recover a percentage of the additional $45,000, not the full $60,000. This also means that if we can’t win you any more than the original offer, you owe us no fees.

In general, the most common rate for these types of cases is 33 ⅓%, but that varies by firm and by case. The most that firms tend to charge for cases like these is 40%. The State of Louisiana sets no maximum contingency fee but does stipulate that such fees must be fair.

At Insurance Claim HQ, we will clearly outline any fees ahead of time so you fully understand your costs. We can also front your filing and court expenses during the case to keep you from having to manage those costs before your case resolves.

Why Is the Cost of an Insurance Claim Lawyer Worth It?

The insurance company already has a legal team ready to take on cases like yours. The firm would not lowball or deny your claim unless it believes it can get away with it and provide convincing arguments. They also recognize that many people won’t turn to an attorney for help because they worry about how much an insurance lawyer costs.

With assistance from our team at Insurance Claim HQ, we put you on equal footing with the insurance company.

We’ll develop a strong case to keep them from getting away with any unfair attempts to reduce your claim.

Work With Our Home Insurance Claim Lawyers Today

If you think the insurance company is not offering what you deserve for a claim, you may not have to settle for that offer. Contact us online at Insurance Claim HQ, or call us to schedule your consultation.

You don’t have to worry about how much an insurance lawyer costs with our contingency fee arrangement. Plus, we’ll provide a free case evaluation to help you determine your options, whether you live in New Orleans or any of our many other locations nationwide.