How Much Does Insurance Pay to Tarp a Roof?

Posted on June 19, 2024


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In the aftermath of a hurricane or severe storm, tarping a roof can help you prevent further harm until more permanent repairs can take place.

How much can your insurance pay to tarp a roof? It’s important to know the potential costs and your ability to recover those expenses when filing a home insurance claim. You can contact Insurance Claim HQ to discuss your situation with our hurricane damage lawyers today.

Why Is It Important To Tarp a Storm-Damaged Roof?

A storm-damaged roof can allow rain, wind, debris, and even pests to enter your home, leading to mold, mildew, and structural issues. By tarping the roof, you can temporarily protect your home and possessions from costly damage.

Taking prompt action on tarping can help you reduce expenses after a major storm. A tarp can also give you more time to schedule major repairs, allowing you to make informed decisions about your property’s long-term safety and integrity.

What is the Cost of Having a Contractor Tarp a Roof?

The cost to tarp a roof professionally varies based on several factors. Larger, high-quality tarps made from durable materials are more expensive. Additional materials, such as nails and ropes, may be necessary to secure the tarp properly, adding to the overall expense.

Steeper roofs may require larger or more specialized tarps, which can impact the cost. The severity of the damage to your roof also influences the size and type of tarp needed. Prices for tarping services vary by region due to supply and demand, labor costs, and local regulations.

Tarping a roof for a single-family home may cost around $1,200 to $1,500 on average, but the expenses can go much higher. It’s possible to spend thousands of dollars installing a large, high-quality tarp. Some contractors increase their rates for after-hours work, and emergency tarping services can be particularly pricey.

A word on DIY roof tarping

While do-it-yourself tarping may seem more affordable, it can be unsafe and less effective. Unless you’re an expert, DIY tarping may result in gaps or weak spots that allow water in, exacerbating the storm’s damage.

Insurance policies often require homeowners to take reasonable steps to reduce harm after a storm. An inadequate DIY tarping job may affect the validity of your claim, leading to less coverage or a denial.

How Can Homeowners Ensure Coverage From Insurers?

Contact your insurer as soon as possible to report the damage and start the claim process. You can ask about your policy, too. Ask how much does insurance pay to tarp a roof tarp your roof or of it is covered by your insurance. As a policyholder, you can take steps to ensure the coverage is adequate.

You should retain records of all your communications with your insurance company and gather documentation of how the storm impacted your property. It’s also important to get repair estimates from roofers and send them to your insurer for review and approval.

How Long Can a Tarp Stay On a Roof?

How long can a tarp protect a roof? It depends on the severity of the damage, the weather conditions, and the quality of the tarp.

A properly installed tarp can provide temporary protection for several weeks or even a few months. Extreme weather conditions like heavy rain or high winds can shorten a tarp’s lifespan. If there are noticeable signs of deterioration or the tarp becomes loose, you should repair or replace it promptly to maintain protection.

Should You Tarp a Roof Before a Hurricane?

Tarping a roof before a hurricane can provide protection from winds and stop water from entering. It can limit interior destruction and reduce the risk of harm caused by flying debris. However, whether your insurance pays to tarp a roof before a storm depends on your policy. For example, some insurers only cover emergency tarping costs.

Contact a Hurricane Damage Lawyer About Your Roof Claim

Protecting your family and home after a major storm may require you to tarp the roof. Knowing how much does insurance pay to tarp your roof will help you manage repair expenses effectively. Insurance Claim HQ in Louisiana is here to listen to your concerns. We are a national firm serving clients across the greater New Orleans area and other coastal states. Talk to our hurricane damage lawyers for a thorough evaluation of your case. Call us today at 844-964-0778 or contact us online to learn more.