How to Dispute a Homeowners Insurance Company’s Denial

Posted on August 18, 2023


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Burst pipes, fires, storms, and natural disasters can cause significant damage to your property. In such cases, your homeowners insurance is your safety net.

Sadly, however, your insurance provider may offer you lower compensation than you expect or outright deny your claim. While it may be disheartening, knowing how to dispute a home insurance claim denial will change your fortunes.

Insurance Claim HQ can help you begin an appeal for a denied claim. Contact our insurance bad faith attorneys if your claim may have been wrongfully denied.

Appealing a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Denial

With the right steps, you can turn a denied claim into compensation. Here’s how to go about it:

Review the denial letter and gather evidence

Your insurance provider will send you a denial letter outlining the reasons for rejecting your claim. The first step to a successful claim denial appeal is understanding the grounds for rejection. Once you do, gather the necessary evidence to overturn the denial.

Such evidence includes:

  • Photos of the damage
  • Receipts for repairs
  • Estimates from contractors
  • Witness statements

Presenting a strong case with concrete evidence can significantly increase your chances of success.

Initiate the dispute

After gathering the evidence to dispute the denial, reach out to your insurance company. Begin by communicating your intent to challenge the denial, then inquire further on why the decision was taken. During the interaction, ensure you maintain a professional tone throughout.

Write a formal appeal

With the additional insight you’ll gain during the call, write a formal appeal letter addressing the concerns raised in the denial letter. Each rebuttal should be accompanied by supporting evidence to make it compelling.

After sending your letter, follow up with the appeal to stay informed about any developments.

Alternative Methods for Appealing a Homeowner’s Insurance Claim Denial

Although it may seem like you are at the mercy of your insurance provider, that’s not the case. Here’s how to dispute a home insurance claim denial without going direct to your provider:

Hire a public adjuster

If you feel your insurance company denied your claim unfairly, hiring a public adjuster may provide clarity. Since they have no affiliation with the insurance company, they can help prove you deserve compensation.

Taking the report they give you to your provider and initiating another appeal will greatly increase your chances for success.

File a complaint with the state

Even after hiring a public adjuster, your insurance provider may still deny your claim or offer a low settlement. If that’s the case, you can appeal your claim via the department of insurance in your state.

This step is recommended for bad faith claim denial. Along with taking your complaint, the department of insurance may also provide other resources to help you with the appeal.

Hire a New Orleans Bad Faith Insurance Attorney

If your homeowners insurance provider denies your claim after a covered incident in bad faith, you need to take action immediately. The team of attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ understands how to dispute a home insurance claim denial and is ready to aid in your efforts to get fair compensation.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can assist with your appeal.

FAQs About Homeowners Insurance Claim Denials

Can I dispute a homeowners insurance claim denial on my own?

While it’s possible to dispute a claim denial independently, leveraging the experience of an attorney will increase the chances of a successful resolution.

What is the typical timeframe for resolving a claim dispute?

The specific circumstances of your case and the cooperation of the insurance company will determine how long resolving your dispute will take. Therefore, it’s important to act swiftly and follow up with the appeal keenly to expedite the process.