How to Talk to an Insurance Adjuster About Water Damage

Posted on February 13, 2023


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Water damage puts your property at tremendous risk. If you want to avoid further damage, you’ll have to call your insurance company immediately. But, how do you talk to the insurance adjuster they send about water damage?

Communicating and working with an insurance adjuster can be challenging. Without insurance knowledge, you might be at a disadvantage.

Our homeowners insurance lawyers can help with water damage claims. We can communicate effectively with an insurance adjuster to get an optimal settlement.


What are The Challenges with Insurance Claims Adjusters?

While claims adjusters use specific pricing guide software to evaluate the loss, this software might not indicate the cost of materials and labor. As a result, you will end up with a check that does not cover all the costs.

Additionally, an insurance claims adjuster might rush the process without uncovering the actual level of damage. You might settle for less without even knowing.

Know the Water Damage Risks You Face

Before talking to the insurance adjuster, you should try to thoroughly understand the damage as well as its cause:

For example, an incident with water damage can involve “clean,” “gray,” or “black” water. Clean water does not pose any health risks. However, gray and black water does present a greater health risk.

Document Every Little Detail

Apart from learning about your water damage in-depth, you should document every little detail of the problem and send it to the claims adjuster proactively, before an inspection.

Get busy and record everything that’s happening.

How to document your water damage

  1. Take photos and videos, and send them to your insurance agent via email. Don’t forget to send a courtesy copy to yourself.
  2. Keep all the receipts of everything you have purchased, such as duct tape, fans, caulk, tarps, and sandbags.
  3. Take photographs of these receipts and email them to your claims adjuster.

Key things to document about water damage for the insurance adjuster 

  1. Upstairs bathroom leaks, which tend to cause damage on the lower floors with time.
  2. Puddled water, which can be a breeding ground for microbes, so consider negotiating for special cleaning services.
  3. Unseen water damage, just in case youradjuster tends to look at visible damage only.
  4. Windows and windowsills, where water can stay undetected in these areas.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Insurance Adjuster About Water Damage?

  1. When will I receive an advance for my structure damage and contents?
  2. How much do you think my building loss will be, exactly?
  3. Could you please clarify my coverage and provide me with a copy of my insurance policy?
  4. Who will assist me in creating the claim for every item damaged in this severe loss?
  5. Will you be the one to fully compensate me for my loss? When should I anticipate seeing my insurance adjusters if you have a rotating staff?

When Water Damage Happens, Strike Back

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FAQs About Water Damage

How do I negotiate the settlement for repairs?

The larger a claim, the more you may need an insurance claim attorney’s help to coordinate the adjuster and contractor to agree on replacing water-damaged materials.

Under what circumstances can I get non-renewed?

Homeowner’s insurance companies may choose not to renew your policy if your property no longer meets their underwriting requirements, or they are discontinuing a particular type of insurance. They must send you advanced notice before dropping you.