How to Win a Mold Damage Case Against Your Insurer

Posted on April 2, 2024


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A little bit of mold in your home will typically be your responsibility to clean. On the other hand, remedying severe mold outbreaks that result from a construction defect or covered perils (such as hurricane damage or a fire) is something your home insurance policy should cover.

Unfortunately, your insurer might balk and try to lowball or deny your claim. Find out why it’s important to address mold cases promptly and how you can win a mold case, and learn how Insurance Claim HQ’s mold damage lawyers in Louisiana can support you if you live in New Orleans or the surrounding areas.

Why Your Mold Damage Case Is Crucial to Win

Mold is more than an eyesore. While it’s a natural part of a healthy ecosystem in appropriate amounts, excessive growth can cause irritating and even dangerous respiratory allergies. Mold allergies are particularly harmful for those who have asthma. Skin issues, lowered immunity, and neurological problems could also occur.

Additionally, mold compromises the structural integrity of your home. Unchecked growth leads to weak walls, floors, and ceilings, which can require expensive repairs or replacements. Naturally, persistent issues also decrease your property’s value.

Fighting to win your mold case and cover remediation efforts can help you have a healthier, happier home.

Tips on How To Win a Mold Case if You Suspect Your Insurer Won’t Pay

When your insurance company resists paying a valid mold claim, take the following steps to improve your odds of getting the compensation you deserve.

Document the damage

The strength of your claim lies in the quality of your evidence. Gather all of the proof you can with photos and videos of any signs of the damage. It can also be helpful to find pictures of the same areas in the past to show how the mold growth has progressed.

Official opinions from experts will also prove valuable. Submit samples to a professional who can verify the type of mold or have an inspector measure the air quality in your home to determine the extent of the damage and the hazards it presents to you and your family.

Protect your belongings

Of course, you want to safeguard your valuables from unnecessary harm, especially irreplaceable items. If flowing water from broken pipes or appliances is causing the issue, you should turn them off or disconnect them.

However, you shouldn’t throw out all contaminated items or try to make repairs yourself. You need to leave sufficient evidence to display the amount of damage so that you have a better chance of winning your mold case. Save what you must, but preserve the scene with a tarp or plastic until professionals can investigate.

If you’re unsure of what to do, this is an excellent time to ask for suggestions from our mold damage lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ. Remember, you can always get a free case evaluation, so don’t hesitate to call.

Report your concerns to your insurance company

You should let your insurance company know as soon as possible that you suspect a problem. If you don’t alert them in a timely manner, the delay could compromise the value of your claim or your ability to win your mold case.

Be sure to document the call in some fashion, and consider following up with an email or letter for evidence of when you first made contact. At this early stage, remember that you don’t have to sign any agreements or provide a recorded or sworn statement. You don’t even have to discuss the problem in extensive detail.

The insurance company must investigate the situation, and you should cooperate. However, you don’t have to agree to anything until you fully understand your rights with the help of a lawyer. Still, you can’t indefinitely postpone handling the paperwork, or the insurer could eventually have reasons to deny your claim. Contact us quickly to avoid this problem.

Collect medical documentation

The mold’s effect on your family’s physical health is another key piece of evidence. Keep your own journal of symptoms, but also get a proper diagnosis from a physician.

During this time, you should always follow the doctor’s orders. Allowing an illness to worsen will not help your claim or make you more sympathetic. On the contrary, it might work against winning your mold case. Just keep good records of your treatment to draw clear connections to the effects of the mold.

More Ways Our Attorneys Assist With Mold Cases

You would think that recovering a fair payout on an insurance claim that you’ve dutifully filed would be simple. The truth is it can require a lot of work to get what you deserve. Our team at Insurance Claim HQ can get you to the finish line.

Providing advice and guidance

Our knowledgeable attorneys can help explain the ramifications of your individual situation. If you have any questions about the strength of your mold case, we can advise you about how to proceed and keep you informed about how your situation looks. We can also work with you to find the right experts or professionals to determine the full extent of your expenses and losses.

Reviewing and filing paperwork

Insurance contracts can be difficult to understand, but we’ll make the legalese plain and explain what they owe you. We also take care of the paperwork so you don’t miss any important deadlines that could keep you from winning your mold case.

Negotiating a fair value of remediation or repairs

Depending on your coverage, you can claim your medical expenses, lost earnings, property damage, and even your pain and suffering. Expect the insurance company to offer the bare minimum at the beginning. They probably hope that you don’t know about everything you can claim.

Remember that once you accept an offer, you usually can’t request more later, so you need to get it right the first time. We’ll search for every penny you deserve and counter those negotiations. If the insurer tries any unfair tactic to reduce or dismiss your claim, we can sue them for bad faith to recover additional damages.

Contact Us at Insurance Claim HQ, and Let Us Fight To Win Your Mold Case

You can win a mold case if you have coverage and take the right steps. Contact our mold damage lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ by phone or use our online form to get support with your claim. We proudly serve residents of New Orleans and surrounding areas.