Hurricane Season Is Here, So Take These Steps Today

Posted on June 15, 2020


Hayden Haskins | author

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The 2020 hurricane season begins on June 1. While this is likely the last thing you want to think about, especially with everything else that is going on this year due to COVID-19, now is the time to review your homeowner’s insurance policy. Public officials in Louisiana want residents to be prepared for hurricane season this year, and they are also reminding residents that tornadoes have become more frequent over the last 20 years. Understanding your homeowner’s insurance policy can help if you have to make a claim and you can learn whether or not you need to purchase additional coverage now.  

Do not wait until the storms start rolling

The first named storm of the 2020 hurricane season formed before the season officially began. As Arthur churned off the coast of the Atlantic, we read warnings from meteorologists that this could be an “extremely active” hurricane season. 

By the time storm warnings have been issued in our area, it is too late to make adjustments to your homeowner’s insurance policy. Now is it time to review your policy to make sure you will be covered if disaster strikes. As you review your policy, you need to particularly look for the following:

  • Flood insurance. Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flood damage, but the majority of people in our area can purchase coverage through the National Flood Insurance Program. 
  • Windstorm damage. Check your policy to make sure that windstorm damage is completely covered. You may need to purchase additional coverage through a state-managed insurance pool. 

Let us help with your policy or claim

At Insurance Claim HQ, we pride ourselves in helping homeowners stand up to insurance carriers who operate in bad faith. However, we also know the importance of homeowners thoroughly understanding their policies and making adjustments when needed. We do not want you to be caught off guard. Whether you are preparing for the storm season or if you think that your insurance carrier is not handling your claim appropriately, you can contact our New Orleans bad faith insurance attorney for a free consultation of your case. We will thoroughly review your policy in order to secure any compensation you are entitled to.