Important Tips for Filing Your Hurricane Ida Insurance Claim

Posted on June 7, 2022


Keelan Tollinger | author

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When Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana in August of 2021, it caused billions of dollars in damage. For homeowners and businesses alike, knowing how to file an insurance claim is key to getting the compensation you need to rebuild your lives.

Our property casualty attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ want you to reach the best possible outcome. Here are some tips for filing your Hurricane Ida insurance claim.

Tips for Filing a Hurricane Ida Insurance Claim

1. Report the Loss

Any insurance claim starts by telling the insurance company that you have sustained losses. The sooner you tell them, the better. There are time limits to filing a claim, and most insurance policies call for a timely report of the damage. The sooner you can make a report of the actual losses, the less likely you are to have the insurance company questioning the cause of the damage.

2. Stop Additional Damages

Do what you can to prevent additional damage. A tarp can be a big help to prevent additional losses from rain and animals. A tarp can also prevent trespassers and theft. The insurance policy likely does not cover further damage that could have been prevented.

3. Don’t Repair Damage Right Away

Once you take measures to prevent additional damage, don’t make repairs right away. Give the insurance company the opportunity to complete an inspection. Take time to photograph the damage and inventory your losses.

4. Take Photographs

Go room by room and take photographs of the damages. Make sure your pictures are from all angles and that you get the best lighting you can.

5. Make Lists

Don’t assume that you’re going to remember what is damaged even a year, month, or day from now. Go room by room and inventory your losses. Look at structural damage as well as personal property losses. Write down what has been damaged and the nature of the damage.

6. Know What Coverage You Have

Hurricane insurance coverage can be tricky. Structural damage that is caused by wind is typically covered by homeowners insurance. However, a separate flood insurance coverage may apply to water damage caused by a storm surge. Getting a good result for your claim requires knowing what types of coverage you have and the cause of your damage. It’s important to know what policy language covers what type of damage so that there are no surprises during the claims process.

7. Read Your Policy

You’re going to be compensated for the losses you have based on the insurance coverage that you have. It’s worth taking the time to read your policy carefully. Learn about what coverage you have, the amounts of coverage, and make note of anything that might apply in your situation, like limitations on specific personal property.

Not all insurance policies are created the same. What’s covered under your neighbor’s policy might be different. Knowing in advance what’s covered can help you submit the correct information and avoid surprises when you receive a response from the insurance company.

8. Find as Many Records as You Can

Part of receiving a fair payment for your losses is knowing what those losses were worth. One way to identify the value of your items is by finding as many purchase records as you can. You may have kept records of big-ticket purchases like kitchen appliances, a washer/dryer, generator, and vehicles. Finding these records can help you value what you have lost.

9. Review the Response

When you receive a reply from the insurance company, don’t panic. There are things that you can do if you disagree with the decision. When reviewing their response, carefully see what reasons or explanations they give if anything is denied or undervalued. This information can provide you with something to go on as you work towards fair compensation.

10. Know That There are Time Limits

There are time limits to filing a Hurricane Ida insurance claim. Don’t let time run out on your claim. You must take action to receive the compensation you deserve.

At Insurance Claim HQ, we help people just like you receive fair and fast payment for their losses. If you have suffered damages from Hurricane Ida, we can help you through the complex process of bringing your insurance claim. Call us at (844) 587-8395 or fill out our contact form to begin.