Nationwide Home Insurance Claim Denied?: What You Need to Do

Posted on June 24, 2024


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As a New Orleans resident, your home is at constant risk, thanks to the bevy of natural disasters sweeping through.

From wind damage to water damage to cracks in the foundation and more, a single storm could cost you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages. You might rely on your Nationwide coverage to recover, only to have trouble maximizing the value of the policy you’ve been paying for.

A Nationwide Home Insurance Claim Denial Isn’t the End

At the end of the day, big-name insurance companies are businesses with a bottom line and a drive toward profit.

Nationwide is no different. Their agents will often prioritize protecting their bottom line before delivering the highest possible payout for a valid claim.

If you’re filing a Nationwide home insurance claim, it’s time for you to contact Insurance Claim HQ.

Working with our home insurance lawyers in Louisiana means you have a strong ally in your fight to get the maximum amount of compensation rather than the minimum that Nationwide may try to pay.

How to Start Filing a Home Insurance Claim with Nationwide

Since Nationwide is such a big company, it values convenience and ease of service for its customers. You can file a claim:

  • Through the smartphone app
  • By phone call
  • On the official Nationwide website
  • With a Nationwide agent in person

Using online claim services ensures that you have documentation of the entire interaction, which is always a bonus when it comes to filing claims. You want everything in writing and a record to look back on and reference as needed, especially if Nationwide unfairly denies your claim and you need to appeal the decision.

Nationwide homeowner’s claims are often complex, especially if you suffered from massive property damage or if you’re appealing an already-made decision that you disagree with. Since you’re dealing with such high numbers, you’ll want the expertise of a lawyer backing you up.

Steps for Filing a Home Insurance Claim

First, you want to contact Nationwide as soon as possible after the incident that damaged your property. Have all the necessary information on hand, like:

  • The name of your agent
  • Your insurance policy number
  • Ways of reaching you if you had to evacuate from your property

Next, notify your insurer of any relocation you may have made. Confirm your deductible and ask any questions.

Third, compile all information for everyone you talk to throughout the claims process. This includes:

  • Names and titles
  • Contact information
  • Dates and times of interactions
  • A summary of the interaction

Don’t just limit this to the insurance company, either. Do the same for communication with law enforcement or government officials you speak with.

Fourth, document the damage on your property. Do so with photographs and videos before making repairs. Write detailed notes and record the date.

Note that you should appraise the value of your home’s inventory before any incidents happen. That way, it’s easier to mark off inventory damages, such as loss of appliances or antiques.

Fifth, secure your property and make temporary repairs. Only do this if it’s safe. This can include locking doors and covering broken windows to ensure more water doesn’t get into your home.

Finally, document all of your expenses throughout this ordeal. Don’t forget living expenses if you’re forced to evacuate.

Make sure to evaluate your policy carefully to see what it covers. Some policies have time limits, so you want to file a claim with Nationwide before that window closes.

Potential Bad Faith Tactics Used for Unreasonable Denial

If you’re wondering whether or not you’ve faced bad faith tactics when filing a Nationwide home insurance claim, you’re not alone. Some of these tactics seem underhanded and sly, making it hard for the average consumer to even notice that something is amiss.

Some bad faith tactics you may run into include:

  • Denying a claim without giving any reason for the denial
  • Offering less money than the claim is truly worth
  • Failure to conduct a full investigation in a reasonable amount of time
  • Intentional delay or denial of decisions on claims or medical treatment approval requests
  • Making threatening statements
  • Refusing to pay valid claims
  • Misrepresenting policy language or the law
  • Delaying claims payments
  • Refusing to provide documents when given a reasonable request

Most of these tactics boil down to a company wanting to prioritize profits over the valid claim of a policyholder.

Unfortunately, Nationwide homeowner’s claims aren’t exempt from wielding these moves against you.

It’s why you want a reliable home insurance lawyer fighting for your rights.

How Our Lawyers Can Help Fight Back

Home insurance companies, especially large ones like Nationwide, don’t always have your best interest at heart.

They may try to maximize profit by minimizing the payout you get for your claim, or they could even try to deny your claim unfairly.

If your Nationwide home insurance claim was denied, reach out to Insurance Claim HQ. You have the right to appeal an unfair denial, especially if Nationwide gave you no reason for it. Our attorneys will go over your case with a fine-toothed comb, ensuring you have the evidence you need to stand up to the unfair practices of big insurance business.

Contact our home insurance lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ today and take steps toward having your claim approved at its maximum amount rather than trying to scrape by on the bare minimum. We are available at 844-964-0778 or through our online contact form.