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Hail can cause serious damage for residential or commercial property owners. When hail hits, it can damage the exterior of your home, including the roof, as well as other personal property inside your home. Although hailstorms can be destructive, the amount of damage can vary greatly depending on the severity of the storm and the materials that your roof is made of. There is nothing more frustrating than damages to your property. The only thing more frustrating than the damage itself is trying to deal with an insurance company that does not want to pay for the full extent of the damages.

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Hail Damage

Hailstorms usually cause the most damage to the roof of your property. One of the most telling signs that you have roof hail damage is if you find dents in your gutters. If there are visible dents in the gutters from the ground, you can bet that your roof has taken a toll on damage as well. Depending on the hailstorm, these are the kinds of household problems you can expect:

  • Water damage to walls, furniture, or belongings
  • Leaky roof or floor
  • No running water
  • Broken appliances
  • Electrical wiring issues

It is important to know the limits and coverages of your insurance policy. The extent of your damage needs to be carefully documented, as well as the cause of the damage. You need to fully understand what type of damage is and is not covered by your insurance policy. Insurance companies have started to significantly limit the coverage available for hail damage on property owner’s policies. What if your claim gets denied? If that happens, we can still help!

Helping Clients with Hail Damage Insurance Claims

If you live in Louisiana, you likely know that water can cause devastating damage to your home or business. When you make an insurance claim, you may be surprised at how complex and frustrating the process may be. Insurance policies are highly specific when it comes to coverage for hail damage, and your claim may be denied. That’s why we want to hold insurance companies accountable for all that you are owed in your insurance policy – not just some.

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Too often, insurance companies will attempt to limit payment on a valid claim, even if you have never missed a premium payment. Having a skilled insurance claim attorney handling your claim can often improve the process and outcome, as we know the tactics insurance adjusters and companies use to minimize or wrongfully deny claims in bad faith. We can assist with the claims process from the very start, or we can help you appeal a partial or total denial of your claim.

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Hail damage can be difficult to calculate, and you can be sure your insurance company will make a low initial offer. You should never accept an insurance settlement offer without first discussing your situation and losses with our hail damage lawyers at Insurance Claim HQ. Call (844) 587-8395 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation today.

Everything We Do Is Focused On

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