The Insurance Claim HQ Team Takes Action in the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Collapse

Posted on October 16, 2019


Hayden Haskins | author

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People in New Orleans are still mourning the tragic collapse of a future Hard Rock Hotel, which took place on October 12. A portion of the hotel under construction collapsed, leaving two people dead, nineteen people injured, and one more unaccounted. The collapse led to a perilous rescue effort that took place inside a dangerously unstable building.

The building, which was located just steps from the French Quarter, collapsed at 9 AM Saturday, prompting authorities to evacuate nearby buildings. Investigators then examined the structure before sending workers inside to try and find the missing. They spent hours in their attempt to rescue as many people as possible.

Officials who examined the building on Saturday noted that it was still precarious. They also cited a 270-foot crane at the site that was at risk of falling.

The collapse has been a traumatic event for the New Orleans community, and the attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ have been doing their part in offering support to the rescue workers and the families of the victims. They have been purchasing and delivering food and coffee to the emergency teams and families at the site, offering them comfort during this difficult time. They have also been visiting local churches bringing breakfast to the disaster relief workers.

New Orleans is still reeling from this terrible tragedy. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change what happened on October 12, but we can band together with members of our community to offer them care and support. Our condolences go out to the rescue workers, the victims and their families, and anyone else who has been affected by this catastrophic event.