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Home insurance companies use a vast network of adjusters and engineers to make sure claims break their way. It's nothing for the ordinary person or family to take on their own. If you think your homeowners insurance claim is valid, but your policy won't pay out, you need a home insurance claim attorney. A good legal team can fight for your claim against insurance companies looking to weasel out of paying you correctly. If your home has suffered any property damage, don't wait for the claims adjuster to make a decision. Call the home insurance attorney team at Insurance Claim HQ to make sure we get involved early on in the claims process.

When your home sustains property damage, either from a disaster or any other uncontrollable event, you naturally expect that the insurance company will simply compensate you when you file a home insurance claim. If the insurer denies your claim or offers you a lowball settlement, though, a home insurance claim lawyer can help you navigate the complex steps for securing what you deserve.

At Insurance Claim HQ, our insurance claim attorneys serving New Orleans, Louisiana work with homeowners to make accurate, on-time claims after disaster strikes and ensure clients get enough to rebuild. Contact us today and learn more about what we can do to pursue the best outcome for you and your home.

What Does a Home Insurance Claim Lawyer Do?

When damage befalls your home, contacting a homeowners insurance claim lawyer should be one of your top priorities before filing an insurance claim. The sooner you involve an attorney, the smoother the entire process can be. Having an experienced professional in your corner goes a long way toward leveling the playing field with insurance companies that might try to lowball you.

Our team of home insurance claim lawyers can help you by:

  • Preparing and filing your initial home insurance claim accurately
  • Representing you in a bad faith insurance lawsuit if the insurer makes a severe misstep
  • Investigating your property damage to evaluate the damages owed to you
  • Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf
  • Supporting you at every step of the process

Ultimately, insurance companies must handle your claim in a fair and reasonable manner according to the terms of your homeowners insurance policy. A homeowners insurance attorney can help you understand any unclear terms of your policy and bring to light any behavior from your insurance provider that is in bad faith or that goes against their contractual obligations.

What Property-Related Threats Does a Home in Louisiana Face?

Louisiana is a unique region both geographically and in terms of its climate. Homes face a wide range of possible property-related risks that could give rise to a homeowners insurance claim.

The types of home insurance claims we handle include:

When you engage an insurance company regarding these threats, disputes can arise if the company is keen on reneging on its obligation to pay out a settlement. The insurer might claim that the type of damage to your property is not part of your coverage or might seek other loopholes in the wording of the policy.

A home insurance claim lawyer at our firm can play a key role in such disputes by making sure the insurer cannot twist your words or the terms of the contract in their favor.

What Types of Home Insurance Can You Get in New Orleans?

There are six basic types of homeowners insurance available to New Orleans residents. It is important to understand the type of policy in place for your property, as this establishes what your insurance actually covers and the language of the contract itself. These factors, in turn, form the basis of your argument when disputing a claim denial.

The types of homeowners insurance you can get in New Orleans are:

    • Basic Form: Covers specific disasters as listed on the policy itself, such as fires, hail, and vandalism
    • Broad Form: Covers a broad range of disasters and damage types, some of which might not be listed specifically in the policy
    • Special Form: Covers all types of disasters affecting the home except for those specifically listed as exclusions
    • Comprehensive Form: Covers all types of disasters affecting both the home and personal property, except for disasters specifically listed as exclusions
    • Tenant Broad Form: Covers a tenant's personal property rather than the home itself
    • Special Condominium Form: Covers personal property as well as the interior of a condominium, but not the exterior
    The type of home insurance you have may differ based on the type of property you reside in, as well as your coverage needs at the time of purchasing the policy. If you need to file a home insurance claim but are unsure of what type of policy you have, your home insurance claim lawyer can help you find the answer to this and other questions you might have.

    What Should You Do if Your Home Sustains Property Damage?

    The first step to take after you suffer significant property damage is to mitigate further damage to your home (without putting yourself at risk). For example, you can put a tarp over any holes or exposed areas to help prevent additional water damage.

    The insurance company might not be liable for any further harm to the property that occurs due to a homeowner neglecting to make an effort toward mitigating damage. With that said, avoid going into the home if doing so would place you or your family in any danger.

      Your next priority is to file a claim with your homeowners insurance provider. Keep in mind that a lawyer can be a valuable resource even at this early stage in the process by helping you to correctly fill out the form and communicate with insurers on your behalf. Taking photos of the damage and keeping records pertaining to your conversations with the insurance company can strengthen your case if a dispute arises later on.

      Another consideration is keeping any and all repair receipts. These serve as a record of any work done by third-party contractors and the expenses you make out of pocket. Receipts are also a clear indicator of how much reimbursement the insurance company might owe you. If discussions escalate to a dispute, having such records on hand will be a powerful boon for the legal team representing you.

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