Insurance Claim Denial

No matter what company your homeowner’s policy is with, insurance claim denial goes the same way.

The policyholder files a claim for damage to their home or business, prompting the insurance company to assess the damage. Once the adjuster inspects the house, the insurance company finds a way to deny the claim based on language in a policy.

There are cases where the insurance company pays the claim in full, but for the most part, these claims do not get paid out. Claim denial is how insurance companies stay in business, and it’s how so many of these companies exist.

Insurance companies also love to underpay claims. We know how it feels when you get that check in the mail after a loss and you just want to cry. Even though it is going to cost you a lot to fix your house, suddenly your insurance company wants to pay you peanuts.

Depending on what state you live in, you could have several insurance options available to you. There are large, general insurance companies and smaller, state companies who cover a variety of things. If you own a home or business, you probably pay a monthly premium or annual premium to an insurance company.

What Do I Do If My Insurance Denies My Claim?

If your insurance company denies your homeowners or property claim, there is recourse in the form of an attorney. Get legal help.

The attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ deal with lawyers from several different insurance companies across the country. We’ve compiled a database of the most notorious insurance companies who make a living off denying insurance claims.

Below is a list of the insurance companies who we have seen deny homeowners claims. If your insurance company is on the list, click through to see how Insurance Claim HQ can help with your claim denial.

State Farm Claim Denial

State Farm is the largest property and casualty insurance provider in the United States. To that end, it’s also one of the largest companies in the country. State Farm earned 87.6 billion dollars in revenue in 2017. Many people across the country face the headaches that come with holding an extensive, national policy. Find out more about State Farm Claims here.

Allstate Claim Denial

Since breaking off from Sears in 1993, Allstate has grown into one of the 80 largest companies in the country. Allstate is the fourth largest insurer of property and homes in the U.S., with revenues of 38.5 billion dollars. Similar to State Farm, Allstate is so big that a claim denial can be a grueling process. Find out more about Allstate Claims here.

Liberty Mutual Claim Denial

The American public doesn’t think of Liberty Mutual as one of the big four insurance companies (State Farm, Allstate, Geico, Nationwide). However, they command 5.3 percent of the property insurance market share in the country with 33.8 billion dollars in direct premiums written. Big companies like Liberty can be challenging to deal with in claim denials. Find out more about Liberty Mutual claim denial here.

Farm Bureau Insurance Claim Denial

Farm Bureau operates as a large body in smaller chunks in the state. South Carolina, North Carolina, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia are all states who have Farm Bureau options for homeowners. Property owners pay a membership fee to be a part of these policies. If you live in any of these states and have Farm Bureau deny your claim, click here to find out more.

MetLife Insurance Claim Denial

MetLife Insurance is a smaller subsidiary of MetLife Inc., a company primarily focused on employee benefits and retirement plans. A business owner could have a comprehensive program covering employees, workers comp and their business all through MetLife. Find out more about MetLife claim denial here.

Southern Fidelity Insurance Claim Denial

Southern Fidelity is a smaller insurance company offering policies in Florida, Mississippi, South Carolina and Louisiana. Due to their location, Southern Fidelity provides plans for natural disasters and floods. If you live in one of these coastal locations, there’s a strong chance you could have a property claim with Southern Fidelity. Find out more about Southern Fidelity claim denial here.

GeoVera Insurance Claim Denial

GeoVera specializes in residential earthquake coverage in Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii. They also offer windstorm and hurricane coverage. If you live on the West Coast, there’s a strong chance you have a GeoVera policy on top of your regular homeowner’s policy. GeoVera also offers policies in Louisiana. They are aggressive and sometimes even sue policy holders. Find out more about GeoVera claim denial here.

Lighthouse Insurance Claim Denial

Lighthouse is another insurance company focusing on natural disaster policies in coastal states like Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. Notice a theme? It’s profitable for insurance companies to offer plans in high-risk areas on the coast. They charge a high premium and then deny or underpay the claim.

USAA Insurance Claim Denial

USAA offers policies to military members and their extended family. USAA offers plans across the country and purports to have excellent benefits to the veteran policyholders. USAA offers plans on homes and small businesses. Find out more about USAA claim denial here.

Maison Insurance Claim Denial

Maison specializes in insuring coastal properties in Louisiana and Florida. Maison insures for floods, hurricanes, and rental properties on beaches. If you own a beach house or condo on the Gulf of Mexico, you might have come in contact with Maison Insurance. Find out more about Maison claim denial here.

Safepoint Insurance Claim Denial

Safepoint offers insurance in the coastal states of Louisiana, Florida, New Jersey and Texas. Safepoint specializes in property and casualty insurance for residents in those states. They will sell those policies through independent agents and hold poor customer reviews. Find out more about Safepoint claim denial here.

CHUBB INDEMNITY Insurance Claim Denial

Chubb operates in the unique niche of indemnity insurance. Indemnity insurance offers protection for companies and their employees for claims related to failures in professional services. Medical malpractice is the most popular form of indemnity insurance, but Chubb also covers engineers, lawyers, and accountants. Find out more about Chubb Indemnity claim denial here.

Nationwide Insurance Claim Denial

Operating on 46.5 billion dollars in annual revenue, Nationwide is one of the “big four” insurance companies in the United States. They own several smaller companies under their umbrella such as Titan, Victoria, Allied, Farmland, and Scottsdale. Claim denials from any of those companies trickle back up to Nationwide. Find out more about Nationwide claim denial here.

Federated National Insurance Claim Denial

Federated National, or FedNat, operates primarily out of Florida in addition to Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Texas. FedNat focuses on home insurance in those states with additional policies on condos, renters, high-value homes, and floods. Find out more about FedNat claim denial here.

Access Home Insurance Claim Denial

Access Home Insurance allows for fire, lightning, hail and hurricane coverage for homes in Louisiana and South Carolina. Access is notorious for their home insurance policies. As you can see, the trend of insurance companies setting up shop in high-risk areas continues. Find out more about Access claim denial here.

AMERICAS Insurance Claim Denial

America’s insurance company, or AIC, specializes in writing homeowners policies in 26 different states. The company’s origin lies in writing plans after Hurricane Katrina. Regions cover most of the southeast except Arkansas, chunks of the west coast, midwest and the tidewater regions of the U.S. Find out more about AIC claims denial here.

AmTrust Insurance Company of Kansas, Inc. Claim Denial

In spite of the name, AmTrust Insurance Company of Kansas operates in Texas and Washington. They focus on policies for non-profit businesses’ employees as well as their property. Find out more about AIC claims denial here.

Bankers Specialty Insurance Claim Denial

Bankers Insurance group protects homes and businesses across the country. The company headquarters are in Saint Petersburg, Fla. Find out more about Bankers claims denial here.

Centauri National Insurance Claim Denial

Headquartered out of Columbia, SC, Centauri offers policies for homes, fires, condos, floods, and storms. Centauri does business in nine states, including Alabama, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, South Carolina, and Texas. Find out more about Centauri National claims denial here.

Family Security Insurance Claim Denial

Operating exclusively in Hawaii and Louisiana, Family Security insurance is a subsidiary of UPC insurance. These policies cover homes on the coast. Find out more about Family Security claims denial here.

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Claim Denial

Fireman’s Fund Insurance offers policies for commercial and personal property in California. They’re perhaps best known for paying out 15 million dollars when John Candy died on the set of Wagon’s East in 1994. Find out more about Fireman’s Fund Insurance claims denial here.

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Claim Denial

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance offers policies exclusively in Louisiana for homes and businesses. They market themselves as “insurance of last resort” for Louisiana residents. It should be no surprise that they can be very difficult for policyholders. Find out more about Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance denial here.

Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina Insurance Claim Denial

Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina Insurance is a small subsidiary of IAT Insurance. They cover numerous locations across the east coast with homeowners and flood policies. They also have policies in Louisiana. Find out more about Occidental Fire & Casualty Company of North Carolina Insurance denial here.


Republic Fire And Casualty Insurance have headquarters in Fort Worth, Tex. The group offers property and casualty insurance to numerous locations and is a subsidiary of AmTrust Financial. Find out more about Republic Fire And Casualty Insurance denial here.

Safeco Insurance Claim Denial

Safeco Insurance is based out of Seattle and is a subsidiary of Liberty Mutual Insurance. Safeco offers home policies nationwide as well as condo and natural disaster claims. Find out more about Safeco Insurance denial here.

SECURITY NATIONAL Insurance Claim Denial

Security National traffics mostly in life insurance claims for individuals and businesses. Based out of Salt Lake City, the company offers policies nationwide. Find out more about Security National Insurance denial here.

United Property & Casualty Insurance Claim Denial

UPC offers numerous property claims including homeowners, flood, landlord temporary, condo, renters and commercial, residential insurance. The company specializes in coastal states with headquarters based out of St. Petersburg, Fla. Find out more about UPC Insurance denial here.


Zurich is an international insurance company with an American operation whose primary service is providing property insurance to large-scale businesses. Find out more about Zurich American Insurance denial here.

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