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It’s no secret that our humble hometown of New Orleans is a hot bed for hurricanes and tropical storms. Even the last 15 years or so alone have given us billions of dollars in property damage, prompting the practical rebuilding of our city more than once. As frequent, almost as predictable as they may be, you still require your insurance disbursement to reconstruct your home and begin putting your life back together.

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Natural disasters can be extremely devastating. Often, insurance companies don’t let their clients know that they might be entitled to compensation for these disasters. If your property was damaged by a hurricane in New Orleans, you need to know what you might receive. 

Our law firm has been working with clients who have sustained property damage and loss as a result of a hurricane since our inception. Our hurricane damage claims lawyers have a wealth of experience serving New Orleans, and a track record of satisfied clients who were able to receive the compensation they deserved. 

All too often, insurance companies will try to devalue the extent of damages after a natural disaster like a hurricane. This is because they are dealing with multiple claims at once and are more concerned about their bottom line than their customer’s quality of life. 

We Recover Losses for Hurricane Victims in New Orleans

There are plenty of law firms out there who advertise that they have experience litigating insurance claims, but that is often only a minor aspect of the law their firm practices. What happens is that sometimes these firms don’t have the necessary human resources or knowledge resources to pursue the compensation their clients truly deserve aggressively. At Insurance Claim HQ we have dedicated our time and energy to representing individuals and companies with insurance claims. We have created a team of employees and vendors that know what it takes to make a quality hurricane claim.

Our firm of hurricane damage claim lawyers has successfully litigated a variety of cases and recovered damages for our clients that allowed them to continue pursuing their dreams. The last thing you want is to find yourself upside down on the losses from a disaster and struggling to rebuild your business or your life. 

Filing a hurricane damage claim in New Orleans can be an extremely complex and tedious process. Many decisions need to be made in a relatively short amount of time, and people can feel pressured into making decisions that are not always in their best interest. 

With a reputable law firm on your side, you know that you have a team of attorneys in your corner. Since we have so much experience dealing with property loss, we know exactly how to investigate your claim and can advise you on the best strategy to get the settlement that you need. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Hurricane Insurance Claims

I have experienced property loss. Where should I begin?

It’s essential to get a hold of your insurance policy. One of the best aspects of today’s digital age is that your plan can be easily accessed online. You don’t have to worry about your insurance policy being lost in the hurricane-like in the past. 

You might have multiple policies that cover different types of damage: flood, wind, and all-risk peril policies. Your insurance company ultimately determines the framework for recovering your money, and that can be a complicated process. We can help you to decipher your plan and precisely define what steps are needed so you can get paid. 

What happens after I get the policies?

You will need to report the loss to your insurance company and get the hurricane claim process started. Even if you aren’t sure if the damage will be more than your deductible, you need to get your claim filed promptly.

Your policy information will determine if a simple phone call to your agent will suffice to get the claim started, or if you need to put something in writing. It is always a good idea to put everything in writing since many insurance companies have a separate department for handling unique claims like a hurricane and other disaster-related claims. If you are unsure as to what to do, get help as fast as possible.

What information should I include when I report a hurricane damage claim?

It’s crucial that you document everything that you can. Take pictures, video, and get plenty of estimates for your repairs or the necessary replacements. Keep an itemized list of all the affected property and keep all your receipts for anything that you have repaired or replaced before your hurricane damage claim is settled. 

What does Proof of Loss mean?

This is a standard term with most property insurance policies. Many insurance companies have standardized forms they use to provide this proof. You are not required to use their form. In fact, the rules of proofs of loss have become very developed under Louisiana law. Once you submit your proof of loss documentation, your insurance company is required to respond within 30 days. 

Some insurance companies do not require you to provide proof of loss, so it’s important to talk to your insurance company and see what you need. The only exception is in the case of flood damage and loss. Flood insurance always requires Proof of Loss, regardless of what your insurance company might lead to you believe. 

Are flood policies different?

Depending on the location of your property, you might have been required to carry flood insurance on your property. Even though a private insurance company probably issues your flood policy, flood insurance is a federal program that is run through FEMA. Since you are dealing with the federal government with flood damage, it is essential to follow all regulations and meet all required paperwork filing deadlines. You have 60 days to file a flood claim with FEMA and provide your proof of loss. 

What are the differences in policies?

Most of your windstorm and all-risk policies exclude payments for flood damage. It would help if you carried a separate flood policy to receive a refund for a flood claim. If you have an all-risk plan, it is essential to remember that they typically exclude wind-related damage. In a hurricane, much of the loss is going to come from the extreme winds and flooding that is common during a hurricane. Make sure you have enough policies in place that will cover any hurricane damages. 

Do I need to give an Examination Under Oath to my insurer if they request one?

The short answer is yes. Your policy has specific conditions that must be met to get your payment. Some insurance policies will want you to come in for a sworn statement called an Examination Under Oath. They will ask you questions about your claim and might ask for all documentation. The good news here is that you are allowed to have representation at a EUO. If you are called for a EUO, it is in your best interest to have an attorney present, as these are serious and complicated proceedings. 

Can my hurricane damage claim be denied without an investigation?

An insurance company is not supposed to deny a claim without an investigation. They are required to provide you with a written explanation that explains why your hurricane damage claim was denied. A reasonable attorney can help you with this process and determine if there was an error in their investigation. 

If you have been a victim of property damage incurred by a hurricane, you need to contact an experienced attorney who can help you navigate your claim filing process. If required, they will litigate your claim as well. This can and does frequently happen with hurricane-related claims. 

Give our law firm a call today for your free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. 

Restoring Your Property after Hurricane Destruction

It’s no secret that our humble hometown of New Orleans is a hot bed for hurricanes and tropical storms. Even the last 15 years or so alone have given us billions of dollars in property damage, prompting the practical rebuilding of our city more than once. As frequent, almost as predictable as they may be, you still require your insurance disbursement to reconstruct your home and begin putting your life back together.

When these rights are denied of you because of bad faith insurance tactics, the fight is not over. With the help of our dedicated New Orleans property damage attorneys, we can confront your insurance provider, demand what is rightfully yours, and you can finally begin to move forward.

Combating Bad Faith Insurance Practices

When insurance providers search for loopholes and technicalities that get them out of covering your damage, it’s known as bad faith, and it’s illegal. Insurance companies will increase their bad faith practices the more homes are damaged. With a large storm, they try to avoid paying for all of the damage, keeping it down to the few that they know they will have to cover. Our New Orleans bad faith insurance attorneys can help in this situation.

Call Insurance Claim HQ After You Have Suffered Damages Caused by A Hurricane

We’ll help the insurance companies honor your agreement if any of these sound familiar:

  • “Your damage was caused by wind or water, not the hurricane itself.”
  • “Your home possessed existing damage that made it prone to collapse.”
  • Purposeful delays in your coverage
  • Purposefully negligent or sporadic investigation
  • Low estimates that will not allow you to repair your property

In many circles, this is known quite frankly as fraud. Your insurance companies are deliberately withholding the finances that they promise in your agreement and in exchange for your monthly premiums. If you need to pay them, they need to pay you when the conditions call for it.

Our New Orleans property damage lawyers have dedicated much of their careers to standing up for homeowners experiencing these wrongful tactics. Give us a call or email today to put a stop to this, beginning with your free case evaluation.

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