Do I Hire a Public Adjuster or an Attorney?

Posted on December 16, 2022


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When hurricanes occur, they cause considerable damage to properties, which can be exceptionally expensive to repair or replace.

It’s possible to hire public adjusters to inform fair settlements from a home insurance company, while others opt for homeowners insurance attorneys. But which one serves better?

While it may make sense to hire both, a perfect answer to this question entirely depends on the specific nature of the damage and the stage you are in the insurance claim process.

Legal action becomes necessary if the insurance company, in whole or in part, denies the policyholder’s claim. As a result, you would require an experienced property insurance attorney to represent you through the litigation and court processes. That’s what we do at Insurance Claim HQ to resolve your denial of a hurricane insurance claim.

What Does a Public Adjuster Do To Help With Hurricane Claims?

Public adjusters are professionals who can assess the nature of damages and legal documents and present damage claims to the insurance companies for compensation.

When assessing the damage claims, they may take the following responsibilities:

  • Research and evaluate the damage claims
  • Quantify the nature of the property damages
  • Prepare damage estimates for compensation
  • Help the property owner to substantiate the level of damages
  • Help the policyholder to make a claim to the insurance company

These professionals are particularly valuable when the insurance company has not disputed the claims and are ready to pay the policyholder for the damages incurred, but they aren’t specific about the amount they should pay.

A public adjuster will help you through the valuation process and help you get the adequate documentation required to make an effective initial claim for a fair settlement.

A Public Adjuster is More Effective When Working in Tandem with an Attorney

In an insurance claim, public adjusters and attorneys usually have different skill sets and perform fundamentally different duties. However, the differing skill sets and responsibilities complement each other. Working in tandem can help the property owner increase the chances of a fair settlement.

A public adjuster is very helpful in assessing the nature of damages, determining the value, obtaining the necessary documents, and other vital steps in the initial stages of the claim. But when a dispute arises between the policyholder and the insurance company over the coverage, an experienced attorney becomes a precious asset.

A legal practitioner will help you settle the dispute legally and represent you in court if things go south to ensure the claims are resolved to your satisfaction. A public adjuster cannot file suit or provide legal advice the same way an attorney can.

Get In Touch With an Experienced Property Insurance Attorney

If you have a property insurance dispute, our team of experienced property insurance attorneys can help you. At Insurance Claim HQ, we devote our attention and time to the needs of our clients and are always ready to work with public adjusters, if any, to review your case comprehensively. Contact us today to request a consultation.

FAQs on Public Adjusters VS. Property Insurance Attorneys

Can a public adjuster be a property insurance attorney?

Unlike a duly licensed attorney, a public adjuster cannot lawfully give legal advice or represent any person in settling or negotiating a claim.

Is it worth hiring an adjuster only for an insurance claim?

An adjuster can help ensure you present an effective claim to the insurance company to increase the chances of compensation but cannot help you if the claims are denied or if any other issue emerges. It is prudent to hire an experienced attorney early to represent you in case problems arise.