After The Recent Tennessee Tornados, Are You Protected?

Posted on April 23, 2020


Hayden Haskins | author

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In the early morning hours of March 3rd, 2020, when many people were getting ready to go vote for Super Tuesday, residents of Nashville, Tennessee, were dealing with the second most deadly tornado event in state history. This incident has led to many people in our area wondering whether they will be protected in the event a tornado strikes. At Insurance Claim HQ, our New Orleans bad faith insurance attorneys want to discuss this with you so you are ready for any disaster. 

The Tennessee disaster has many people checking their policies

In the aftermath of a major disaster anywhere in the US, homeowners should always recheck their insurance policies to ensure they have the coverage they think they need for where they live. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will cover damage from things like wind and hail, but there are times when some policies exclude windstorm damage. If that is the case, the policy will likely not help cover the cost of damages caused by a tornado. Living in New Orleans, it is vital that all homeowners who have insurance policies know whether or not wind damage will be covered. Not only do we have tornadoes to be concerned about, but hurricanes are a continual threat for this area. 

Flood considerations for tornados and other storms

While most people think about wind causing most of the damage in a tornado or other type of storm, it is important to understand at most homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide coverage for flood damage. While you may have protection for damage caused by trees falling onto your home or if the wind rips the roof off the house, damage caused by flooding will not likely be covered by your policy. 

However, many homeowners in the New Orleans area are required to have separate flood insurance policies through the National Flood Insurance Program. Whether or not you are required to have flood insurance depends on the federal flood map, and this can vary widely throughout the city.

Let our team help you today

If you or somebody you love is concerned about your insurance coverage or have been denied a claim by the insurance carrier, contact Insurance Claim HQ today. Our team will get to work investigating your claim in order to ensure you receive any coverage you are entitled to. You can contact our New Orleans bad faith insurance attorney for a free consultation of your case so we can discuss your next steps forward today.