What Happens If A Hurricane Ida Insurance Claim Gets Denied?

Posted on January 27, 2022


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Hurricane Ida displaced thousands of people and destroyed homes. If you’ve suffered a loss, you may have filed an insurance claim, expecting to get the funds you need to rebuild. Then, the insurance company rejects your claim. Our attorneys explain what happens if a Hurricane Ida insurance claim gets denied.

What happens if a Hurricane Ida insurance claim gets denied?

If your Hurricane Ida insurance claim gets denied, there may still be ways to get a payment for your losses. Review the reasons for the denial, and then pursue the most appropriate response. You may need additional documentation and an internal appeal. If the claim is undervalued or the insurance company acts in bad faith to deny the claim, you may pursue your case in a courtroom.

It can be frustrating if the insurance company denies a claim. To the homeowner, it can seem like a dead end. Don’t give up! There are ways to have the insurance company’s decision reviewed. But you must take additional action.

Do I need to do something if my Hurricane Ida insurance claim gets denied?

Remember, if your Hurricane Ida insurance claim gets denied, you need to respond to receive compensation. You need to submit more information, file for an internal appeal, or file a legal claim. If you do nothing, your claim ends. There is only a limited amount of time to take action, so do not ignore the denial.

An attorney for Hurricane Ida claims can assist you if your claim has been denied.

Why was my Hurricane Ida insurance claim denied?

After a Hurricane Ida insurance claim is denied, the first thing to do is to determine the grounds for the denial. This isn’t to say that the reason is valid grounds to deny a claim, but it’s important to know the basis given by the insurance company. That can give you a starting point for how to respond to it.

Here are some reasons for a denial that the insurance company might give:

No coverage – An insurance policy covers only what’s in its written policy. If you have a type of loss covered by the policy, the insurance company must pay you.

Lack of evidence of losses – Insurance claims are based on documentation. You need to submit photographs, videos, or other documentation to explain to the insurance company what losses you have and what compensation you deserve. If insufficient evidence is the reason given for the denial, additional documentation may result in a different decision.

Policy limits – Expect payment up to the amount of your policy limit. For example, if your policy limit is $50,000, and you submit losses totaling $75,000, the insurance policy will pay$50,000.

Too much time has elapsed – There are time limits to filing an insurance claim. A claim may be denied if you report it too late.

Missing premium payments – Skipping a premium payment can cause an insurance policy to lapse.

Pre-existing damage – Natural wear and tear and inadequate maintenance on the part of the property owner may result in a surprise insurance claim denial. Even if the hurricane contributed to the damages, the insurance company may claim that the actual cause is the homeowner failing to do routine maintenance before the accident.

How do I fight a rejected Hurricane Ida home insurance claim?

There are things that you can do to fight a rejected Hurricane Ida home insurance claim. First, you may be able to submit more information to the insurance company and ask them to review the decision. A formal appeal may be appropriate. When you understand the reason the insurance company gives for the denial, you can prepare the appropriate records to answer their questions and respond to their reasoning.

In addition, you may bring a legal claim. With a legal claim, the case goes to a court where a neutral third party decides what the insurance company should pay. An attorney can represent you at any stage in the process, including submitting documents, internal appeals, and a formal legal claim.

Attorneys for disputing a Hurricane Ida claim

If your insurance claim has been denied, our attorneys can help you dispute your claim. Let us review the status of the case and help you take appropriate action. If you have sustained damages from Hurricane Ida, contact our hurricane attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ today for a consultation by calling us at (844) 587-8395 or click here to fill out our quick contact form.

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