What to Do If a Hurricane Destroys Your Home

Posted on July 10, 2023


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The impact on your home following a destructive hurricane can leave you feeling overwhelmed and faced with numerous challenges, emotionally and financially. It becomes crucial to be prepared for such an event. These steps will help you find suitable temporary living arrangements and start the process of rebuilding your home.

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What To Do If Your House Is Destroyed by a Hurricane

After the storm has passed, the first step is to assess the extent of the damage caused by severe winds that perhaps tore up the roof or ruined the interior. Document everything from the structural damage to your personal belongings and any additional expenses incurred due to the storm.

Once you have photographic or video proof of the destruction, notify your insurance company about the hurricane damage. Should you make temporary repairs to prevent water or wind from getting inside your home, keep a record of all relevant documents to assist with the insurance claim.

Rebuilding After a Hurricane

Safety comes first; consult with professionals who can conduct a thorough inspection to ensure the structural integrity of your home is sound before entering. If your house is unlivable, contact emergency management agencies in your area for help with a temporary shelter. As you wait for responses, consider staying with family and friends or renting a new property.

Notify the relevant authorities, such as building departments or zoning boards, for guidance on rebuilding requirements and permits. Only engage licensed, insured, and reputable contractors to repair the damage to your home. When dealing with debris removal caused by the hurricane, check with the local municipality for guidelines on handling and disposal.

Some insurance policies may cover the cost of debris removal, so talk to your homeowner insurer. Maintain constant communication with your insurance company throughout the rebuilding process and provide them with the necessary documentation.

You may be able to receive coverage for additional living expenses (ALE), however, this is dependent on your home insurance policy. This is where a homeowners insurance claim attorney comes in. They can aid in navigating the claims process and fighting to ensure you receive fair compensation.

Consult With Insurance Claim HQ Today

Rebuilding after a hurricane can be a complex process. The steps outlined above and working with professionals will help you navigate related issues.

If your homeowner insurance company is uncooperative, consult an experienced homeowners insurance claim attorney, who can provide a free case assessment and liaise with your insurance for compensation. Contact us today at Insurance Claim HQ for expert advice and support during this challenging time.

FAQs About If a Hurricane Destroys Your Home

Will my insurance cover the cost of rebuilding?

If your policy covers the destruction, you may be reimbursed up to the coverage limit in your plan, including additional living expenses, while your house is being rebuilt.

How can I finance the repair of my home?

Several financing options are available that you can explore for the rebuilding process; for instance, your homeowners’ insurance, original mortgage lender, bank loans, or personal savings.

Taking a loan to rebuild my home is not an option; what aid is available?

Register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) or reach out to non-profit groups that offer various resources to assist disaster victims rebuild or replace their homes.