What to Do After a House Fire: A Claimant’s Guide

Posted on August 10, 2022


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House fires are almost always tragic. While the most important thing is making sure all people and animals get out safely, you and your loved ones may be left without a safe place to live, and without the countless cherished memories and precious items that were lost in the fire.

In the wake of such a traumatic event, it’s hard to know just what comes next after a house fire. That’s why hiring experienced fire damage claim attorneys can be so valuable to you and your loved ones.

At Insurance Claim HQ, our priority is to take the burden of dealing with insurance off your shoulders, so you can focus on getting back to normal. Keeping you and your loved ones safe is what is most important to both you and our team.

In this article, we will walk you through you the best next steps to make sure you get the help you need for your claim, what evidence will build the strongest case, and how an experienced attorney can handle the stress of the claims process on your behalf.

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Our What to Do After a House Fire Checklist

A fire is a terribly disorienting event, making it difficult for you to process what needs to be done next. Although every fire creates an entirely unique set of issues, consider the following steps to help you and your loved ones move forward in the best way possible after a house fire:

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention: The first thing you should worry about is you and your loved one’s safety. Get treatment and evaluation for any potential injuries. Take any pets to the vet to check for hidden issues as well.
  2. Find a Safe Place to Stay: Your house will be compromised after a fire. Consider contacting a local disaster relief agency like the Red Cross for help finding a place to stay until it’s safe to return.
  3. Make Sure Loved Ones Know You’re Safe: Once you’re safe, it’s important to reach out to those who care about you most. Your safety is a priority to others as well!
  4. Contact Your Insurance Agent: Contacting your insurance carrier as soon as is safely possible will help you to fight any accusations of negligence and start the claims process. The longer you wait to report the fire, the more likely your insurance company is to deny coverage.
  5. Get a Copy of the Fire Report From Your Local Fire Department: After putting out your fire, your local fire department will need to provide a comprehensive report on the cause and damage. This report is crucial for your claim’s success, so be sure to get a copy as soon as it’s ready.
  6. Protect Your Home and Gather Evidence: Once you are cleared to return to your home, you will need to do what you can to prevent further damage or potential theft. Be sure to only go back into the structure if cleared to do so, as it could be dangerous. Gather as much evidence as possible on your first visit to help build your claim.
  7. Call an Experienced Fire Claim Attorney: By calling an attorney, you can get ahead of your claim early. This will take the stress of filing off your plate and let you focus on recovering.

If you or a loved one have experienced a house fire, be sure to put your safety above all else. Once you are safe, if you are unsure about what to do next, don’t hesitate to call Insurance Claim HQ for assistance. An experienced lawyer will help you build you claim and work with you to start the recovery process.

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What Evidence to Present to Your Insurance Company

When you’re building an insurance claim, it can be hard to tell what evidence is valuable and what isn’t. The rule of thumb when it comes to evidence is the more, the better. Your insurance company’s goal is to save as much money as possible, so they will try their best to poke holes in your claim. Evidence is your best defense against an unfair denial or lowball settlement offer.

Consider including any of the following pieces of evidence when filing your claim or meeting with an attorney:

  • As many photos and videos of damaged property as possible, whether caused by the fire or your local fire department.
  • As many photos and videos as possible of your property before the fire, if you have them available.
  • Your fire report.
  • Any bills or receipts associated with the restoration process or preventing further damage.
  • Work estimates from public adjusters or independent contractors.
  • Any communication regarding your damage with insurance, contractors, or local disaster relief services.
  • Receipts for additional living expenses (hotel fees, restaurant meals, storage rentals, etc.) incurred as a direct consequence of the fire.
  • A printed copy of your original insurance policy.

If you have compiled a good deal of evidence, but are still unsure what to include when filing, call an experienced fire damage claim attorney. They can help you to sort through what is most useful to strengthening your claim. They will also help you to find any potentially valuable evidence you may not even know about.

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How an Experienced Fire Damage Claim Attorney Can Help

After you experience the tragedy of a house fire, the last thing you should have to worry about is filing a claim. Fire damage attorneys have the experience to help you avoid potential pitfalls and common mistakes while filing. Too many claimants end up getting denied for unfair reasons, which makes having a lawyer available even more valuable.

Attorneys can help take the burden of the claims process off you by helping you to gather and analyze evidence, evaluate your claim, communicate with your homeowners insurance company on your behalf, file your claim, and even fight back if your claim is unfairly denied. You shouldn’t have to worry about the work involved after a fire; let an experienced professional handle it for you.

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Insurance Claim HQ: Here to Help You Get Back to Normal After a House Fire

Our team knows how devastating a house fire can be for claimants. That’s why we work hard to hold the insurance company accountable for your losses.

The fire damage claim attorneys at Insurance Claim HQ are ready to help you navigate the claims process, build your claim, communicate with your insurance company, and fight back against any signs of bad faith.

If you or a loved one have been impacted by a house fire and are unsure what to do next, call Insurance Claim HQ or contact us today to schedule your free consultation.


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