What to Do When Insurance Company Won’t Pay

Posted on February 13, 2023


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At times collecting insurance benefits is not as seamless as it should be. Some insurance companies are slow in paying claims. Others may outright deny liability and refuse to pay. 

Fortunately, you have rights and don’t have to accept the decision without question. Here’s what our bad faith insurance attorneys want you to do when an insurance company won’t pay your home insurance claim.

Provide Additional Information

Strong evidence is the best way to prove liability and show the extent of loss or damage. Now is the time to present any additional evidence you didn’t submit before, like videos, photos, receipts, and repair estimates. 

Also, keep good records each time you contact your insurer, including whom you talk to, when, and what is discussed.

Ask for a Second Look

Insurers are often overwhelmed with claims when natural disasters happen. As a result, adjusters may not have the time to carefully evaluate each claim. When insurance refuses to pay for damages, the first thing to do is contact them directly. Asking your insurer adjuster or their management for a second look can make a difference in getting a favorable value for your claim.

Get a Second Opinion from a Public Adjuster

If you still believe the insurer should cover your property damage, consult a public adjuster for a fresh perspective on your case. A third party with little bias can tell you if the insurance firm’s estimate is fair. It may also provide you with the evidence you need to negotiate a higher settlement.

Hire an Insurance Claim Attorney

When your homeowner’s insurance still won’t pay for your losses or damages, then it’s time to retain an insurance claim attorney. It is within your rights to report your insurance company if it’s acting in bad faith. An experienced attorney can help you understand the legal process of your case and file a complaint against your insurer with the insurance department. 

The state insurance department helps policyholders with their insurance issues, so there is no harm in trying.

Contact Insurance Claim HQ Today

Insurance firms go out of their way to evade paying claims. But whenever an insurance company acts unfairly and in bad faith, hiring an experienced bad faith insurance claim attorney may be all it takes to change an insurer’s view on your case. Contact Insurance Claim HQ to schedule a free consultation and learn about the next steps to take based on your unique circumstances.

Homeowners Insurance Bad Faith FAQs

Can I sue my insurer for bad faith practices?

Yes, insurance companies are required by law to abide by the terms of your policy. Any unfair practices and bad faith acts are grounds for suing.

Can my claim be denied due to filing or administration error?

Mistakes such as entering the wrong insurance number or misspelling a name can lead to your claim being rightfully denied, but you can fix this by correcting the error.