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Find answers to your pressing property casualty questions so you can keep your insurance company in check as you navigate the claim process.
Property Casualty Deadlines

Deadlines for Property Casualty: Is Yours Approaching?

Timing is everything, particularly when it comes to your property casualty claim. It’s easy to lose sight of...
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How much home owners insurance is enough

Homeowners Insurance: How Much is Enough?

Shopping for homeowners insurance is a sign of being a responsible homeowner, but all too often, households end...
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Recovering from Tornado

There’s No Place Like Home: Recovering after a Tornado’s Path of Destruction

Chances are, if you have encountered a property loss due to a natural disaster, you can vouch for...
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Lightning Claims

Lightning Claims: How to Avoid Being Struck Twice

While being struck by lightning has become a metaphor for unlikelihood, rarity hardly equates to myth. Lightning can...
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What to Do After House Fire

Navigating the Aftermath of a House Fire

So, you experienced a house fire. The good news is that you are safe, and the most traumatic...
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Legal Counsel

Finding the Best Advocate During a Loss: Public Adjusters Versus Legal Counsel

While negotiating an insurance claim is overwhelming, the learning curve can be closed by understanding common insurance vernacular,...
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Legal Access in the Community

Where Property Ownership Meets Property Casualty: Expanding Legal Access in the Community

While homeowners and flood insurance policies can be great tools for property owners in the wake of a...
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Hail Damage

Hail, Satan: An Act of God, or the Dark Lord’s Threat to Your Roof?

While forest fires and hurricanes tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to nature’s threat to your...
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Role of Appraisers

Know Your Worth: Understanding the Roles of Appraisers

If you are in the process of navigating a homeowners or flood claim, chances are, individuals are visiting...
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homeowners insurance

Protecting the Home, or Just the House? Coverage for Internal Contents, External Structures, and More

It takes a lot to turn a house into a home. Purchasing the structure is just the beginning....
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Flood Insurance

Flash Flooding: A Nuisance to Festivals and a Menace to your Home

A good festival can be the highlight of the warm weather seasons, but it still doesn’t come without...
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Recoverable Depreciation, Roofing

Recoverable Depreciation & Roofing: When your Insurer Gives you the Runaround

Your roof really bears the brunt of it all. Whether it be a tornado or hail, many natural...
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